The High Tatras (Slovakia) (Poland)

The High Tatras (Slovakia) (Poland)

High Tatras are a massif which is stretched from a northern part of Slovakia and to border from Poland. Length of the main range is 26 kilometers. But at the territory of mountains rather twisting, having the Alpine character. Gerlakhovsky Shtit whose height reaches 2655 meters is considered the highest point of Tatra mountains. The nearest town to Tatra mountains - Pop-Rat. In only 12 kilometers, ski resorts and the railroad are located.

Tatransky resorts occupy the huge territory, being popular not only among locals, but also foreign citizens. Such are considered as the most kurny of them: Tatransk Lovnitsa, Smokovets, Strebsk Pleso. In them there is everything for active holiday, including cableways, elevators and rent of the equipment. It is possible to take place in comfortable hotels, cozy campings, boarding houses. It would be desirable to consider in more detail the resort of Strebske Pleso where there took place competitions of the international value. There are routes for the beginning skiers and more professional.

Practically all the territory of the High Tatras covers large-scale the Tatransky national park occupying the space in 888 square kilometers. There are always a lot of people, but, nevertheless, this place is not the most visited among all earlier designated resorts. In this territory more than 20 mine-rescue stations which inform tourists on weather, false campaigns and climatic changes are located.

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Let's pay attention to the main attractions of the High Tatras. Beautiful and powerful falls which were formed from glaciers belong to this number. Are distinguished from them Kmetyov falls which height is 90 meters. It begins with Neftserke and gradually proceeds in Koprovovuyu the valley. The name of falls was given by the Slovak climber of Andrey Kmetya who made the contribution to foundation of the Slovak National museum.

The High Tatras are an attractive miracle of the nature, and the smallest mountain chain of the planet Earth. They are covered by the dense and coniferous forests occupying the space of 260 square kilometers. They are beautiful, collected in the territory 30 valleys and more than 100 crystal-clear lakes. The developed network of routes which is stretched on 600 kilometers allows to consider all mountain valleys completely.

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