How to breed crucians

How to breed crucians

Pond cultivation of crucians was an integral part of country economy in Russia for hundreds of years. Crucians were bred in any suitable reservoirs. Crucians perfectly lived in the rural ponds intended to give to drink the cattle or the kitchen gardens dug for watering. Did also special ponds of the small depth about 5х5 m in size. During later period practiced simultaneous cultivation of a crucian and carp (sazan) which perfectly get on with each other. However, for joint keeping of these fishes larger reservoirs are necessary. It is possible to breed crucians on the seasonal dacha.

It is required to you

  • - pond;
  • - sheets of stainless steel or aluminum;
  • - boat motor;
  • - bucket full of holes;
  • - grain compound feeds or fodder grain;
  • - fishing accessories;
  • - crucians fingerlings;
  • - manufacturing crucians;
  • - pike.


1. There are 2 ways of cultivation of crucians on a seasonal or personal plot. The first way — summer cultivation of fingerlings to the trade size. The small reservoirs having the size of 4.5х6 m and from 0, 5 in depth to 1, 5 m suit for this purpose even. Reservoirs should not dry up.

2. Take crucians fingerlings in any fishery in quantity to 20 pieces on the above-stated size of a reservoir. Land fingerlings in the spring, after opening of a reservoir. A crucian — fish omnivorous. He can eat as the animal food got by the fish in a pond and vegetable sterns as which the steamed-out grain or peas, compound feeds for pigs, unsalted porridges are used. At an opportunity you feed crucians with sterns, special especially for them.

3. You feed crucians 1-2 times a day at the same time. For feeding it is the best of all to use so-called fodder tables. In this quality it is possible to apply sheets from aluminum or stainless steel. Lower a leaf in water on depth Bol of a half a meter or on a bottom. On sheets throw a forage into certain time. The forage has to be eaten for 20-30 min. After this time remove an uneaten forage. If not to remove sterns, water in a reservoir will deteriorate.

4. For a season of a fingerling have to reach the trade size and weight of 200-300 g. Catch in the fall all crucians because otherwise the zamor from a lack of oxygen is possible.

5. The second way — direct cultivation. Producers are necessary for it. As producers it is the best of all to take a gold crucian from a natural reservoir. Among crucians there can be a number silver. The pond in this case has to be the bigger size and not less than 1.5 m in depth. In a pond there has to be water vegetation. Feeding of crucians same, as in the previous case. Catching is made in the fall.

6. In the winter in avoidance Zamora make in ice-hole ice. Electric motors with activators on an axis are applied to winter aeration of water. They are lowered in an ice-hole in the protection cover from the bucket which is made a hole by a nail. Openings has to be much, but their size has to be such that there fish could not swim away. Also the so-called aeration channel is used. It is the branch from a reservoir closed by a rybozagraditelny grid in which the boat motor with the screw is installed.

7. At direct cultivation the crucian can begin to become shallow as after spawning quantity of whitebaits in a reservoir big. They oppress each other and prevent to grow to large individuals. For fight against this phenomenon place in a reservoir small (25-30 cm) a pike. At the end of summer it can be caught on a spinner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team