How to dig drops to a cat

How to dig drops to a cat

Cats are ill just as people, only unlike the person, it is very difficult to fluffy mokhnatik to explain that the unpleasant and painful procedure actually will give to it the subsequent relief. If you need to dig to a cat eye drops, and you do not know as it correctly becomes, read attentively. Everything is simple.

It is required to you

  • - pipette or the syringe without needle;
  • - cotton tampons;
  • - tea;
  • - warm water;
  • - towel;
  • - treat for a cat.


1. Carry out preparatory you beseduvozmit a cat on hands, stroke and tenderly explain that you love her and are not going to do anything bad. Soothing speeches of the owner act on some animals, like tranquilizers, and they with firmness and without serious consequences postpone the subsequent unpleasant procedures. If your animal does not belong to this category, the preliminary tender conversation will perfectly serve for lulling to slip of his vigilance. Of course, can seem to you that it is excessive, but, believe, it not so. For a cat the procedure of instillation in eyes is quite unpleasant and frightening if it before it roughly and inconsiderately to be enough and twist it will not add love for treatment at all.

2. Record a cat so that she could not scratch you or sharply vyrvatsyadlya quiet copies the usual clip between knees of the owner or easy pressing will approach a floor. And here if your fluffy weighs more than eight kilograms and in any attempts to attempt upon his precious health shows real miracles of balancing act, it is necessary to work more thinly. Wrap the alarmist in a towel or a blanket so that outside there was one head. For convenience the procedure can be carried out together. One holds an animal, the second – carries out burying.

3. Prepare the cotton tampons moistened with warm water or weak black tea For each eye it is necessary to use separate cotton wool. As soon as the animal is recorded in a comfortable position, wipe to it eyes with tampons, deleting pollution and pus. Now close to a cat an upper eyelid, and lower slightly delay. In the formed space dig one drop of medicine, trying to get as it is possible closer to an eye corner. More at once you should not drip as surplus can flow out. Return a lower eyelid into place and slightly massage an eye that drops were evenly distributed. Repeat everything most with other eye too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team