How to get a chameleon

How to get a chameleon

Chameleons are lizards who mainly live on trees and are capable to change color of a body depending on the state and environmental conditions. Many fans of exotic wish to bring at themselves such pet. Most often contain in house conditions panterovy or Yemen chameleons. These types will please owners from 5 to 9 years.


1. That the chameleon which is contained in the house or city apartment was healthy and lived long life, it is necessary to create for it the environment, the closest to natural. The tiny aquarium on 20-40 liters will not approach. Before getting this exotic animal, it is necessary to equip for it the spacious dwelling.

2. The maintenance of one chameleon will require a terrarium which volume has to be not less than 200 liters. The terrarium has to be in height more, than in width. It is also required to buy the thermometer that there was an opportunity to control temperature in the dwelling of a chameleon (ideally it has to be 28-30 degrees Celsius). The humidity in a terrarium is required to support a constant – not less than 70 percent. That to reach it, heaters and a humidifier will be required. Over a terrarium it is desirable to establish an ultra-violet lamp or a special lamp with the necessary color temperature (it is measured in kelvins). One of dwelling walls for a chameleon can be made not of glass or plastic, and to tighten a nonmetallic grid. It will facilitate aeration of interior area and will not allow air to stand.

3. In a terrarium it is necessary to equip a reservoir with clear water which needs to be changed regularly. Do not forget to plant living plants and to establish branches or a fragment of a tree which the lizard will climb.

4. Before acquisition of a chameleon it is necessary to take care of a stern for it. Usually this species of lizards eats live flour worms, crickets, flies, grasshoppers, a locust, zoofobusa, cockroaches. Vitamins will receive chameleons from bananas, a citrus, grapes and other fruit. Young chameleons have to eat 2 times a day. Forages should be offered quite a lot: the lizard itself will define how many she needs to eat. Adult chameleons eat 2-3 times a week and less, than young individuals.

5. In the nature the chameleons are pinched a dewdrop or a rain, flowing down on leaves. In bondage it is necessary to spray 2-4 times a day the living plants which are in a terrarium that the lizard did not thirst. Some manufacturers use also drinking bowls for rodents in the form of capacity with a nose in which the ball is inserted.

6. It is necessary to clean a terrarium 1 time in 1.5-2 weeks. It is not necessary to take out a chameleon from its dwelling as it can lead to a stress. For cleaning stock up with a separate rag, a brush with long soft pile (for sweeping away of small garbage), a brush with short rigid pile (for removal of strong pollution).

7. Chameleons rather comfortably feel at single contents therefore you should not lodge several individuals in one terrarium especially as there can be fights for space. These lizards are capable to learn to recognize the owner, to take food from his hands. They allow to iron themselves, however never become completely manual, like cats.

8. When at you everything is ready to arrival of the new pet, it is possible to be engaged in the choice of a suitable individual. It is better to get a chameleon from manufacturers in your city. These lizards, as a rule, do not transfer the long road without necessary conditions (temperature, humidity). Before purchase examine a chameleon: on a body there should not be outgrowths, swellings, cones, sites of the darkened skin, in a mouth there should not be a slime and foam, eyes should not be closed or covered.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team