How to look after a spitz-dog puppy

How to look after a spitz-dog puppy

Spitz-dog - a charming dog who can become the excellent partner. However these animals demand attentive leaving, good food and the correct education. Having taken in the house of a thoroughbred puppy, find for it enough time - your pet will become a clever, healthy and well-mannered adult dog soon.

Food and leaving

The most important - the correct catering services. Upon purchase of a puppy specify a diet of the kid at the manufacturer. The first days adhere to the mode, habitual for a spitz-dog, then it is possible to change its diet gradually. The puppy can be fed with a freshly cooked or industrial forage. If you stopped on the last option, choose professional puppy food, and after 6 months you transfer the pet to food for juniors. You watch that the puppy always had clear water.Find the vacation spot of the pet. The spitz-dog needs the cozy, protected from cold and a draft stove bench. You should not have it at batteries and also on pass. You can get convenient matrasik or even a special lodge - as well as many tiny dogs, spitz-dogs love the protected shelters. Do not allow a dog to get on beds and chairs. The little puppy can unsuccessfully jump off from them and injure joints. For the same reason the kid cannot be driven on ladders until to him half a year is executed. It is necessary to submit a small animal for walk on hands. Do not forget that all necessary vaccination will not be done yet, the puppy cannot be on the street. The spitz-dog differs in fluffy, very dense wool. The brush and a crest with long rare teeths will help to keep it in an order. Since childhood accustom a puppy to daily process of comb-out. It is better to do it after a meal and walk when the pet is quiet and ready kindly.

Education of a puppy

The tiny sizes of a spitz-dog allow to solve one of problems, important for the owner, - visit of a toilet. If you do not want to bring in any weather a dog to the street, accustom him to a tray. Get a big tray with a grid and low sides. For a dog the toilet with a column is necessary. The disposable absorbing diapers and several days off will be necessary for schooling. Spitz-dogs are very bright and the puppy will understand soon what you want from him. The design needs to be washed after each use, and once a week it needs to be processed special disinfecting solution. That the puppy was active and cheerful, play with him more often. Get a lead roulette for free walking. The spitz-dog does not need long walks, but very much likes to run about on a grass or sand. Buy the pet of a toy for independent entertainments. It is better if they are from latex or natural veins - plastic products the dog can crack and will be wounded. Do not wait from a spitz-dog of perfect obedience - he has quite independent character. However the dog has to know the nickname and several main teams. Until the puppy acquires the nickname, do not lower him from a lead - the pet can easily be lost.

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