How to make the dog doghouse

How to make the dog doghouse

The dog protects the house and the site adjoining to it from undesirable guests. That the dog felt comfortable, living on the street, it is necessary to build to the favourite the cozy and comfortable doghouse.

It is required to you

  • - good and thick wooden boards;
  • - heater.


1. Make the plan of future construction. The doghouse should not be too small, to a dog will be close. You should not do and it is more difficult to warm too spacious building, the big room. Calculate the size of future doghouse, proceeding from parameters of a dog better. Manhole width - width of a breast of a dog plus five-eight centimeters. Manhole height - height of a dog in withers minus five centimeters. Width and length of the box - dog length from a nose to a tail. Height of the box has to be equal to height of a dog from the head to paws.

2. For a puppy design the building taking into account estimated future sizes of the pet. If you do not know what your puppy can grow up, make the plan of the box for a dog of large breed. It is better if the dwelling of a dog is spacious, than close.

3. Find the suitable place for the doghouse. Choose such site from which all your possession would be well visible. It is very good if the right place is in the southern part that to a dog it was not cold in the fall and in the winter.

4. Prepare several wooden bars or bricks, on them and the box has to be located. These bars will protect boards of half of the doghouse from dampness and rotting. For the doghouse find wide and thick boards. They have to be equal and dry. Carefully pare down wood and walk on it a skin that the dog had no splinters on small pillows of paws. Fasten to board bars for the box bottom. From above lay special heater, its thickness has to be not less than 50 millimeters.

5. Now make half of the doghouse. When with the lower part of the box it is finished, build in dwelling walls. Walls and a ceiling have to have the same design, as a floor - a double flooring between which boards there is a thick heater. For additional protection against cold it is possible to sheathe a floor, walls and a ceiling plywood or fabric. The roof has to fasten only to a ceiling that if necessary it was possible to remove all top part of the doghouse.

6. That rain water and snow did not accumulate on the box, build an odnoskatny or dvukhskatny roof. Begin its construction with production of fronts. Remember, the roof has to be given forward for 20-30 centimeters that water did not flow into the doghouse. To fronts fasten boards or sheets of an ondulin. In the box put a soft laying. Make "door" of warm fabric. It was necessary only to decorate the dwelling of a dog from outer side.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team