How to measure a dry feed in grams

How to measure a dry feed in grams

If in the house there are no kitchen scales, to precisely define quantity of a dry feed necessary for a cat, to a dog or a polecat, can be difficult – standards are usually specified in grams. In such cases it is necessary to be engaged in calculations, transferring weights to cubic measures.

It is required to you

  • - small measured capacity (spoon, pile, glass);
  • - bank or disposable plastic cup;
  • - marker;
  • - bowl.


1. Attentively study information provided on a package of a forage. Sometimes on packing not only the weight, but also volume of the recommended daily portion is specified. For example, 40 grams or ½ cups (that is 125 milliliters).

2. Many producers forages release the special measured glasses allowing to measure precisely necessary quantity of granules. As a rule, such measures are applied to big packages of a forage (on 10-25 kg), besides, they can be received free of charge in large pet-shops and veterinary pharmacies. Just take an interest at the seller whether they have available measured glasses for that brand of a forage which you use.

3. In many pet-shops of sterns for animals is on sale by weight. Ask the seller to measure precisely a daily portion and to pack it into a separate package. At home pour granules into a small jar and make a mark a marker at the necessary height – it will allow you to measure further that quantity of a forage which is necessary. It is possible to use a disposable plastic cup for these purposes and to cut off it on tag height.

4. Also you can "calculate" a daily dose of a forage, proceeding from the total amount of a forage in a package. For example, if you buy a forage in packing on 400 grams, and the animal in day should give 50 grams of a forage – it is possible or to divide package contents into 8 portions and to measure the volume of one of them. The second option is to take the small measured capacity (depending on the size of granules and weight of a daily portion it can be tea or a tablespoon, a pile, a coffee cup, a glass) and, scooping sterns from a package, to gradually pour it into a bowl, considering how many "measured units" at you turned out. It will allow to calculate how many grams of a forage are located in this capacity.

5. If you transfer an animal from one forage on another – measurements should be repeated as the ratio of weight of a forage and its volume depends on many parameters, including the size of granules and their form, forage density, etc. For example, in a standard glass of 250 milliliters about 75 grams of dog food of large breeds, about 100 – for little dogs, about 120 – for kittens are located.

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