How to train a dog

How to train a dog

You are responsible for the dog, for its safety and safety of people around. Therefore the puppy of any breed whom you took to yourself in the house or on the site needs to be brought up and trained. It concerns both fighting and sentry dogs, and little, almost toy Yorkshire terriers, a chow-chow and Pekineses.


1. It is necessary to train and bring up a dog from the very first days when she a small fluffy lump on the parting paws appears at your place. At once allocate and equip with her places for lying and feeding. They have to be convenient and not be neither on pass, nor on a draft. The Place and To Me teams are very first which the puppy without effort will learn practically at once, for several days.

2. If you feed the pet correctly, then training him, you will be able to use as encouragement delicacy which he not often can see in the bowl – for example, unsalted cracker or a piece of soft not strong cheese. This plain treat will become for a dog an incentive and a well-deserved reward for diligence and obedience. Encourage a puppy not only with delicacy, but also caress, you praise it and show that you are happy with it.

3. You hold trainings only in good mood and mood. The dog all the same will feel your nervousness even if you will try to hide it therefore she will be nervous too and it is worse to understand that you from it try to obtain. If you not very well feel, were tired or are angry, then postpone a training and do not torment either yourself, or a dog.

4. Work teams, using the recommendations of dog handlers which in a large number are submitted on the Internet. You should not think out the educational techniques. Use the accumulated experience of experts. You carry out working off of team by short series on 10-15 minutes several times a day. Usually, two-three days that the puppy acquired team are enough.

5. Give commands accurately, selecting them with intonations, you do not pronounce excess words behind which the dog will lose the meaning of team. Do not lisp and do not distort words. Do not forget to fix constantly those commands which you already mastered with the pet and to return constantly to their performance after a while.

6. Only one person has to train a dog therefore even if you are strongly busy, pay attention to her education and you will achieve that your pet will take of you the hint.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team