How to train a dog in team ""to Lie"

How to train a dog in team ""to Lie"

It is the most convenient to teach a puppy to the Lie team after he acquires the Sit team. This team is one of the main on which further training of a dog is based.

It is required to you

  • collar, lead, delicacy,


1. We order "to Sit" and we start studying the Lie team.

2. We take delicacy and we pull from a muzzle of a puppy forward in the direction of travel. The dog tries to keep step with delicacy, and you press this time shovels dogs that it adopted the lying provision.

3. At the beginning the puppy can curve a back, escape and in every possible way oppose to performance, then it is possible to push a hand forepaws in the correct situation.

4. If the puppy inactively works with delicacy, it is possible to apply a lead. For command execution pull the lead fastened to a collar forward and down, at the same time pressing shovels. In a breast-band this effect cannot be reached.

5. As soon as the puppy adopted the lying provision, we award him with delicacy and the encouraging words.

6. You watch that the dog did not draw in under herself hinder legs. You praise only for the correct pose. If filled up paws, you will correct it hands.

7. Train a puppy at first at home, in silence, then you pass to the street, trying to obtain command execution at many irritants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team