When at kittens eyes open

When at kittens eyes open

Bringing a cat to the house, the person takes the responsibility for the living being who has the character, preferences and needs. As well as any family member, your pets need care and leaving.

If in your house there lives a cat, she will probably need the help during incubation and the birth of kittens. The careful owner has to not only provide to a cat the quiet secluded place where she in tranquility will be able to bring posterity into the world, but also to watch at first that the cat had a food and water near "maternity chamber". The animal who grew weak after the delivery far will not go.

Newborn kittens

If the cat got inexperienced owners, their relation to birth of the fluffy peeping kids can be unpredictable. Some are enraptured and consistently all stages of the birth of kittens, since emergence of the first fights live together with a cat. Others are frightened and do not approach animals at all until kittens do not begin to get out of a box gradually.

If seems to owners that at kittens eyes too long do not open or the tummy is too inflated, they can suit the real panic, finding out what now to do.

Both those, and at others have a mass of questions concerning development of kittens. Why they do not look? Why they so loudly peep? How many times a day does the cat have to feed them? At the same time sometimes from curious owners there is quite notable advantage, but happen also such which only tire a cat with special attention.

When at kittens do eyes have to open?In the first week of life the kittens will only peep and suck milk. Eyes at newborn kittens are closed, acoustical passes are corked. Crawling has no directed character - it is just instinctive movements by pads to reach a maternal nipple. On the second week the kittens pretty fast grow and all the time acquire new skills. The cat though still treats the maternal duties quite seriously, begins to spend more time separately from posterity. Eyes at the majority of kittens will open in 10-14 days. At the birth they are closed because they should be saved from the pre-natal environment which can be rather harmful. Therefore eyelids not only are closed, but are even kind of stuck together. Gradually "glue" dries up, and eyelids are disconnected.

If are noticed small "souring" a peephole, it is possible to wash them with solution of strong tea. By means of the cotton tampon moistened in tea, eyes slightly promakivat, trying not to damage.

First eyes of kittens of muddy-blue color, they not to see capable. At some breeds, for example, sphinxes, Devon-reksy, eyes open much earlier – for 3-5 day. At ragdolls – in 10-14 days, the podsosny period at them comes to an end late too. At female kittens the eyes usually open earlier. The first sign – eyelids begin to be moved apart, through a chink muddy eyeballs are visible. At least day after full opening of eyes pupils will not react to light. As soon as the kitten completely finds sight, he becomes more cheerful, begins to play and makes attempts to get out of a shelter.

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