Whom to present to the child - a dog or a cat

Whom to present to the child - a dog or a cat

Thousands of children dream of a pet – the loyal friend and the workmate in all games. And parents often agree to get an animal at insistance of the child, hoping that it will teach the kid of responsibility. Before many future owners there is a question: to prefer a cat or a dog?

That the young owner thinks

You do not know what pet to get – ask the child. It is no secret that it is difficult to small children to concentrate on the same occupation, today one is interesting to them, tomorrow – another. Originally any pet for certain will attract interest and curiosity of your child, however it will not be long. If the little man dreamed of a cheerful puppy, and bought it an independent and proud cat, most likely, you should look after her as a result all the same.

Who is wanted by parents

Though you buy the pet for the child, all members of household should contact to an animal. And if someone from house is afraid of dogs or feels hostility to cats, it is hardly worth getting this animal. The new inhabitant of the house has to cause positive emotions in all. Bring together family council, and together you for certain will manage to find option which will satisfy all.

Look in reality

Dreams of a cat or dog need to be coordinated with reality. Together with the child think what duties he will be able to undertake and that it is necessary to do to you. The six-year-old kid will not cope with walking and training of a dog, the ten-year school can already entrust walk with a cocker spaniel or a poodle, however the child will not hold a German shepherd or a Rottweiler. Besides, sometimes children are ill and leave for rest – think whether you are ready to see off on one or one and a half hours on the street with a dog at this time. If you incline to a cat, make sure that the child will be able to feed an animal and to change to him a tray, and you reconcile to the peeled furniture.

Animals need to do inoculations, also periodically they are ill. Even the teenager can need maintenance in veterinary clinic.

Presence of an allergy

Before buying a cat or a dog, it is good to make sure of absence of an allergy to animals at all family members. If the kid manages to become attached to the pet, and it will become clear later that he needs to be given, it will force it to suffer any day.

There are ways to minimize illness consequences – regularly to air the room and to tide up, not to let an animal to the room to the allergic person, however it does not solve completely a problem, and only reduces intensity of symptoms.

Age of the child

Small children are cruel, but they are those because to certain age are not capable to understand that to other being it is painful and to sympathize, kind of parents tried to explain them it. Abilities to empathy appear at kids in five-six years. It should be considered upon purchase of an animal. Your pet has to be or rather dexterous to have an opportunity to escape and hide from the got naughty child (for example, the cat can successfully cope with this task), or rather good-natured to take down blows (some large breeds of dog, for example, St. Bernards, like to potter with children and suffer their careless handling). Also you can wait few years and buy an animal later when you are sure that your son or the daughter will provide to the pet love and care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team