5 miracles of "feysbuilding" in decollete zone

5 miracles of "feysbuilding" in decollete zone

Many women have got used to care daily only for the person including what skin of neck and decollete is already body. Therefore, it can do without special leaving and cosmetology. The decision is very precipitate because these zones need attention at all not less. The age inevitably aims to leave the mark on them. It is possible to resist to it not only, but also it is necessary. How to make it? Easily!

Unfavourably, but the fact — without due leaving skin in zone of decollete grows old quicker, than on other sites as it has some features. First of all, in it small amount of sebaceous glands is located. And the skin fat emitted by them participates in forming of so-called water and lipidic film which interferes with loss of water from the surface of skin. There is no film — skin is worse protected. The second feature of zone of decollete — all layers of skin here thinner. In this plan it is more similar to eyelid skin: dry, easily vulnerable, it is subject to photoageing. For this reason, without paying due consideration to skin in these areas, we increase chances of presenilation. It is expressed in flabbiness, loss of elasticity and finally in appearance of mimic wrinkles under the name "Rings of Venus".

In the winter and in the flying

Leaving is necessary for "gentle" zone all the year round. But special attention should be paid to it during hyperactivity of the sun. Do not forget about funds from 5PP and also about active moistening and nutrition of skin during this period. For zone of decollete and neck there are special ukhodovy means. They contain active components which feed, humidify, tighten and recover skin in these areas: vitamins, microelements, hyaluronic acid, placenta extracts, various natural vegetable oils. The separate ruler is formed by the products received from seaweed, well tonic, bleaching and nourishing skin.

The age matters

Ukhodovy means for zone of decollete change also depending on age. Till 30 flyings it is enough to use the moisturizing creams and serums. Then it is better to pay attention to more dense structures with vitamins and microelements. It is important to women who have stepped over forty-year boundary to stimulate active work of skin cells by means of means with placenta extract, vitamin A and collagen.

At least it is once a week recommended to use nutritious masks. And daily allocate time for gymnastics under the name "feysbuilding". These exercises are directed to muscle work of neck which promote strengthening of its internal framework and also interfere with sagging of podborodochny area and render lifting effect.

Miracles of "feysbuilding"

1. Having cast away the head back, slightly slightly open mouth. Pull the lower jaw up, trying to close mouth, and then come back to starting position. Try to strain neck muscles as much as possible. Make 10 repetitions.

2. Straighten back, relax shoulders. Hang the head down. Roll it from one shoulder to another. Execute 10 rifts then cast away the head back and repeat exercise.

3. Straighten back and shoulders. Turning the head, pull chin to shoulder, be late in this situation for several seconds and come back to starting position (at the same time pull shoulders down). Repeat exercise of 5 times in each party.

4. Repeat the previous exercise, only reach for shoulder not chin, but ear. Having extended neck, raise chin as much as possible up — 10 times.

5. Put elbows on table, link fingers in the lock and put on them chin. Hands try to raise chin up, and muscles of neck resist it. Then change the direction of the movement — now chin try to lower the palms linked in the lock. Slowly lower chin on breast. Make 10-15 times.

That's all! Carry out these short exercises and naslazhdaytest youth and beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team