7 councils for healthy and beautiful hair

7 councils for healthy and beautiful hair

Do you envy women with extremely beautiful hair? You can achieve the same. There are 7 councils by means of which the woman will force the hair to look healthy and beautiful.

  1. To avoid hot devices for laying

It is rather difficult not to use them in general, but try to do as seldom as possible it (only for special cases). Even at the correct use they do irreparable harm to hair, doing their life cycle is shorter. Hair very strongly spoil since their structure is broken and further there will be one exit - it is to have hair cut.

  1. Moisten hair

It is very important point. Buy good means or prepare it. The moistening product helps hair to keep necessary moisture and feeds them up to the depth of hair follicle. And not only hair, but also skin need moisture.

  1. Food

The healthy nutrition in general is important for health of all our organism, at the same time hair are not exception. By means of the balanced diet it is possible to improve quality of hair. They will become healthier and beautiful. What it is necessary to add to food allowance? For stimulation of growth and improvement of structure it is necessary to eat more products which are rich with fatty acids omega-3, iron, zinc, proteins. Growth of hair follicles will amplify if you eat in enough red fish, meat, chicken.

  1. Vitamins

Food in itself is very important, but sometimes it is not enough fully to provide organism with necessary vitamins and microelements. And they are necessary for maintenance of health including hair. At right choice of vitamins which to you the trichologist will help to make your hair will become healthier and beautiful, than ever.

  1. To cut off tips

It is obligatory. Other exit to give beautiful view to the whipped ends is not present. It is necessary to do it every two months, then your hair will always look well-groomed. If you do not do it, then splitting from tips can reach the middle and even above. Can seem to you that hair do not grow at all.

As for growth of hair, it can be stimulated by means of masks, for example, with olive oil.

  1. Do not wash the head with very hot water

Even if you like to take hot shower after work and the intense working day, do not wash hair with such water. It is the best of all to use warm water if you want them to be brilliant and soft. Hot water is very harmful to hair, especially if you often wash the head.

  1. Balm

Be not overzealous with cosmetics for hair – with the conditioner, balm. Use them on tips, since the middle of length, but in any way not on roots – it will recover their appearance, will make softer, and you will be able easily to lay them in the favourite hairstyle.

There are such simple councils. Perhaps, you already heard about them. Try to apply them regularly that your hair have literally begun to shine health and beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team