7 effective ways to reduce cellulitis

7 effective ways to reduce cellulitis

Cellulitis is developments of stagnation of fatty tissue which look not esthetic roughnesses, in the started cases reminding orange-peel.

Cellulitis, according to the statistics, occurs in 80% of women regardless of their weight - it can quite arise also on slim figure. Developing of cellulitis is caused by special structure of women's connecting fabrics therefore at men such phenomenon happens extremely seldom, and only among very corpulent. What to do if this notorious ""orange-peel"" has appeared?

1. Anti-cellulite massage in salon - only 10 sessions of professional anti-cellulite massage are capable to smooth considerably ""orange-peel"" and to reduce volume in problem zones by 3-5 cm.

2. Anti-cellulite massage by make-shifts - for this purpose best of all will be suitable massage brush with the handle and rubber ball with pimples the size approximately about sphere for bowling. The procedure should be carried out daily, to mass with circular motions. Regular massage strengthens blood circulation in fabrics and promotes fat outflow. However massage by brushes is contraindicated at expansion of veins and close located blood vessels.

3. Massage the massager - especially for fight against ""orange-peel"" has developed vacuum and wave massagers. It is also possible to use the electromassager with circular motions - all these procedures return to skin elasticity.

4. Cosmetics - fight against cellulitis by means of special gels and creams - process slow. It is necessary to carry out the procedure in complex with other actions. It is worth giving preference to means of Christian Dior, Sisley, Lancôme, Nuxe, Biotherm.

5. The gymnastics and physical activity - perfectly help to keep muscles in tone jumps through jump rope. Very effective and simple gymnastic shell - elastic tape. Also it is worth climbing more often ladders and to ride bike.

6. Healthy nutrition - it has to be full and balanced. It is more than vegetables and fruit, it is less sweet and fat. It is worth reducing consumption of coffee, and it is better to exclude alcohol in general. Have mineral water, herbal and green tea. Remember that radical diets at cellulitis will not help - opposite, it is possible even to aggravate with them situation.

7. Ozonoterapiya and the other saloon procedures directed to stimulation of exchange processes of fabrics and improvement of blood circulation. Here belong presso- and cryotherapy.

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