Advantages and shortcomings of electric epilator

Advantages and shortcomings of electric epilator

The epilator is remarkable device without most of which of people cannot live. Nevertheless, it, except great number of supporters, also has many opponents. Many women openly recognize that they reluctantly use this device. The reason in pain which accompanies epilation. However there is epilator model with the cooling cap for removal of unpleasant feeling.

The epilator is small device which is used for epilation. It is equipped with special edges which rotate at very fast speed. Admittedly, holding this procedure is painful, not all can sustain it.

Modern devices have been developed for the women sensitive to pain. They have the cooling cap which, gives feeling of cold, thereby reducing pain.

Before thinking of epilation, it is necessary "to grow" hair a little. It facilitates work.

Several hours prior to the planned epilation it is reasonable to carry out peeling to areas which will be deprived of hair. The procedure will help to get rid of dead epidermis and to reduce problem of the grown hairs. 

It is the best of all to use epilator right after shower. As a result skin and hair will be softened, and will as much as possible be prepared for the procedure.

We remember that it is always necessary to shave hair against growth. It is the only way to effectively pull out them together with bulbs.

After the termination it is necessary to examine carefully processed place. Perhaps, there were tiny hair which the epilator could not catch. It is recommended to get rid of them by means of tweezers.

All procedure comes to the end with putting the moisturizing cream.


This small device has many advantages. Among them is:

  • high efficiency in comparison with other methods of removal of hair,
  • long effect (up to 4 weeks),
  • convenient form,
  • very simple in use,
  • there are no allergic reactions,
  • obtaining effect of extremely smooth skin,
  • effective weakening of hair thanks to regular use,
  • saving of time and money.


As well as any other device, it also has the shortcomings. Some of them, however, are individual question. The most often mentioned include:

  • feeling of pain during removal of hair (question of sensitivity),
  • the grown hair,
  • the tweezers can be hammered because of too long and dense hairs,
  • tiny hairs are not removed,
  • less convenient, than ordinary razor.

Contraindications to application

There are several situations in which the device should not be used. It:

  • pregnancy,
  • varicosity,
  • diabetes,
  • sensitive skin.

What should be considered upon purchase of epilator?

Before deciding on specific model, it is worth carrying out the small test in the invisible place on skin (for example, in the lower part of hand). Thus, it is possible to check how the body reacts. If there is feeling of burning, long reddening or insignificant wounds, then you should not buy it.

Each of us perfectly knows the skin therefore too high sensitivity to pain has to dissuade us from adoption of this decision.

It is also worth paying attention to type of power supply of the device (network or wireless) and adjustment of speed. The choice of the correct force is important as it can reduce feeling of pain slightly.

Depilation is primary activity on leaving now. Each woman who cares for esthetics of the appearance, knows it. There is no wonder, the smooth body is canon of female beauty now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team