As in 30 years to look as the schoolgirl

As in 30 years to look as the schoolgirl

many women in thirty years the crisis of middle age begins. It would seem, only yesterday you had graduation party, and already today you have exchanged the third ten. Many do not cope, are depressed and dream to look as the schoolgirl again. The reason for that the taken roots stereotypes that by thirty years you have to become clear head, the beauty for a long time, to succeed in career, to marry and give birth to children. If though with one of these points it has not developed, women begin to be engaged in excessive self-criticism and to look for in the appearance often far-fetched shortcomings and mimic wrinkles. And naturally find. Who looks for, that will always find.


  1. If you want to look much younger, then begin with the fact that fall in love with the age and stop to treat it so seriously. Understand that youth is born in the soul, and is reflected already then in eyes. Even if you will put on on yourself school uniform and will braid braids, on your face there will be no uniform wrinkle, but you have eyes of the old woman, grown wise bitter experience, and in the head heap of complexes and prejudices, to deceive the nature and people around at you will not turn out. You do not ruin in yourself the child with his thirst of new opening and impressions, and it by all means will affect your face positively. But you should not fall into excessive infantility of course. Otherwise it any more not desire to look much younger, but not ability to be responsible for itself and the life.
  2. Coco Chanel said: Not any woman is born beautiful, but if she did not become such by 30 years — she is simply silly. Begin to pay more attention to the appearance, and she will reciprocate to you. Buy high-quality skin care, visit the good competent cosmetologist. Avoid radical shades of hair and too bright make-up, usually they add at least flying five to the owner.
  3. Little so ages the woman as excess weight. Analyze the food and if it is necessary introduce amendments in it. Consider that with age the metabolism slows down. Significantly reduce, and better at all exclude the fancy bread, confectionery, alcohol fried and fat products. Nutritionists recommend to eat five times a day not large portions. Include low-fat protein, fresh fruit and vegetables in diet. Drink more clean not sparkling water. Register in the next fitness club and play sports. Perfectly dances, run, aerobics will approach. Do not try to lose excess weight quickly if that is available. Over time skin becomes less elastic, you risk to receive flabbiness and extensions. Be not overzealous, cherezmerny leanness can emphasize wrinkles on your face. Observance of these simple rules will help you to lose weight and on long to remain in good physical shape.
  4. Get modern stylish youth clothes. Observe style of teenagers and young girls. Try not to wear strict classical business suits, vintage in pure form and grandmother's jackets. Avoid dullness in clothes and skirts not of clear styles and length. Be not afraid to wear revealing dresses, but follow the simple rule – it is worth exposing on public inspection something one - either decollete, or leg. The excessive vulgarity ages and yet allowed to look to nobody much younger.
  5. And the main thing you treat the age with irony. Remarque wrote in one of the works: Lydia was forty, in the afternoon it could give thirty, and in the evening, at appropriate lighting — twenty five. At those restaurants where Lydia went, the lighting always was appropriate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team