As it is correct to cut off nails

As it is correct to cut off nails

At someone nails long by nature and well grow, and at someone - on the contrary. Some people obstrigat already rather long nails that they did not prevent daily affairs, and others should cut hardly grown nails because it looks ugly. It is a little simple to cut nails. They need to be cut correctly that they did not break and did not exfoliate.


1. At first understand that ordinary scissors nails cannot be cut off at all. The fact is that after obstriganiye of nails the scissors (whatever modern they were) form cracks. And it is right way to the exfoliating nails. If you obstrigat nails by means of scissors to this day, give up this business – it will not lead to anything good.

2. It is the best of all to use nippers and file for nails. At the same time it is desirable (but it is not obligatory) to get nippers on width of your nails. And these two tools can be combined quite successfully. You can just saw round the nails nail file or use nippers, and then file for giving to nails of the equal rounded-off form.

3. Nippers are special adaptation which it is rather convenient to cut nails. Nippers can have various width that you had opportunity to pick up the tool individually. Nevertheless, nippers still need to be able to use. Not to obstrigayta nail entirely. Depending on shape of nail, it is possible to occupy at first its side parties, and then the middle or only the middle. Only do not go too far in capture that on nail the crack has not gone or it has not broken from pressure at all.

4. Too it is better to choose file individually. If you take too rough file, you also risk to stratify nails over time. Working with abrasive files, you remember what them can be sawn only in one party. The best nail files are that are made of glass. Masters of manicure business prefer to use them.

5. Nail length at first should be cut off nippers then to make opit. If nail length small, it is possible to use only one file.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team