As it is correct to pick up suitable lipstick

As it is correct to pick up suitable lipstick

Correctly underlined lips are not less important reception in make-up, than eyes. Having chosen lipstick it is possible how to make the image it is more attractive and more interesting, and lip to make more expressive, and, on the contrary, to spoil all make-up.

When choosing lipstick it is worth paying attention to several criteria. First of all it is skin:

To girls with light skin recommend to use lipsticks of natural, subtle shades. Palette have to be light and cold color, from light pink to plum.          Owners of dark skin should take a closer look at rich and bright colors. For example, warm peach and coffee colors will show to advantage with such tone of skin.          To girls with slightly swarty skin recommend to pay attention to purple and golden shades.

Not less important factor when choosing color of lipstick are hair:         Karminny, peach and berry lipsticks best of all will suit owners of fair hair.         Brown and terracotta show to advantage in combination with red hair         To girls with dark hair color it was lucky most, their color palette will be much more volume. The main thing not to forget the rule: the shade of hair is more dark, the more brightly there can be shade of the chosen lipstick.

Of course, the correct combination of color of eyes and lipstick will make make-up especially effective:         Scarlet and brown tone perfectly look on owners of brown eyes         The color palette from cherry and beige colors is recommended for girls with blue eyes         For girls with green eyes light-cinnamon and red shades are recommended.        Crimson and beige shades are recommended to ladies with gray color of eyes.

It is also necessary not to forget one cunning: light shades will make your lips chubbier and volume, and dark tone will refine and will reduce.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team