House treatment of the cracked lips

House treatment of the cracked lips

dry, cracked, shelled lips give the mass of inconvenience. It is easy to eliminate insignificant dryness of lips, using the house means which are listed below. However, if lips are strongly inflamed and even bleed, then it is better to consult with the doctor as it can lead to serious infection.


  1. Problems with lips can arise because of shortage in B2 vitamin organism - Riboflavinum. The first place on the content of this vitamin belongs to beer yeast, the second - beef liver. Also such products as eggs, bean, bran, cauliflower, rye flour, parsley, dairy products contain Riboflavinum.
  2. Honey and vaseline have curative and antibacterial properties. Smear a little honey on lips, and from above apply vaseline. You hold this mask on lips within 10-15 minutes. Then dip Q-tip in hot water and unmask with the help it lips. Make this procedure within 2-5 days once a day to get rid of dryness of lips.
  3. Coconut oil is remarkable natural means for treatment of the cracked lips. You apply small amount of oil on lips several times a day, especially if weather cold and dry.
  4. As dehydration is one of basic reasons of the dry and cracked lips, it is recommended to drink not less than 2-3 liters of water a day. Besides, in dry winter days try to use humidifier in the house.
  5. The simple, but effective way of fight against the cracked lips is to rub lips with cucumber slice.
  6. The aloe belief possesses surprising remedies for skin. Therefore to cure the cracked lips, try to grease them with small amount of gel of aloe.

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