How to apply evenly dark varnish

How to apply evenly dark varnish

Blue, black, violet, brown and other dark shades of varnishes are fashionable today. However not everyone can put them accurately. Drips and gleams on dark manicure are especially noticeable. To avoid mistakes, you do not hurry and master several faultless methods of coloring of nails. Following them, you will be able to make beautiful manicure of professional level.

That manicure has turned out beautiful, correctly pick up varnishes. It is the best of all to use dark glossy enamels which densely lay down already in one layer. Matt lacquers emphasize roughnesses of nails, and it is very difficult to put translucent shades evenly. If you like varnishes with spangles, choose small shimmer. Large glitter demands skills in drawing, besides it demands obligatory color substrate.

To help varnish to lay down the leveling basis will help more exactly. On equal nails it is applied in one layer. If plates are covered with grooves, impose base in two layers, well drying everyone.

Very uneven nails can be ground special file or polishing bar.

Before starting manicure, prepare all necessary - varnish, basis, upper covering. You keep in readiness special stik for removal of drips of varnish or Q-tips and remover. Level length of nails and give them the form. Do not forget to remove cuticle and hangnails. Remember that dark color draws special attention to hands. That enamel became uniform, turn bottle and rub it between palms. Do not shake varnish - in it bubbles which will spoil manicure can be formed. Apply basis on nails and dry up it. Dip brush in bottle with varnish, slightly rub off it about neck. Varnish on brush has to be so much that it covered nails, without leaving strips, but also without flowing on rollers and cuticle. Establish brush in the center of plate, is closer to the basis. Carefully push her to cuticle, and then conduct to nail tip. Dip brush in varnish once again and in the same way paint over plate sides. If drips were formed, erase them the Q-tip moistened in liquid for varnish removal. Having painted nail, carry out by brush on its face, setting color. This reception is very important during the work with dark varnishes, otherwise in several hours you will be able already to see white strips on edge of plates.

The thickened varnish will exactly not lay down. If enamel became lishky dense, dilute it with special liquid.

Begin coloring with little finger of the left hand and move to little finger of right. Having finished, let's varnish dry and make up nails the second layer. Try that he has laid down exactly atop the first. If you overstep the bounds, after drying lighter sites will be noticeable. Check whether illuminate nails. If strips are visible, put the third varnish coat. Record manicure thick layer of upper covering with effect of drying. Such top will hide possible errors and will not allow varnish to slip and be chopped off. The upper covering can be updated daily, then manicure will always look fresh.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team