How to avoid extensions on stomach

How to avoid extensions on stomach

Extensions, or striya are the small pale hems formed by connecting fabric. They do not cause pain or discomfort, however often prevent women to enjoy the appearance. To get rid of extensions very difficult therefore it is better not to allow their emergence.

It is required to you

  • - bandage;
  • - oil for prevention of extensions.


1. Basic reasons of emergence of extensions on stomach are hormonal changes in organism, pregnancy and sharp set of weight. However healthy food and the correct skin care will help you to minimize risk of emergence of striya.

2. During pregnancy in order to avoid emergence of extensions it is necessary to carry bandage. Modern bandages happen in the form of belts, shorts and shorts. It is necessary to choose bandage, proceeding from stomach volume. It has to support stomach, but not peredavlivat it at all. The bandage should be put on since morning and to remove only for the night. Pay attention to models with velcros or fasteners which can be moved gradually to increase the size.

3. Many girls wishing to lose weight choose extreme diets with extremely low calorie content. As a result weight promptly decreases, and skin is not in time behind similar changes – there are extensions. To become harmonious, but at the same time not to earn striya from stomach, grow thin gradually and at the same time eat properly. At your diet there have to be proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

4. Physical exercises which will make skin and muscles more elastic will be useful to the growing thin girls, pregnant women and other women wishing to see never extension on the stomach. Daily do complex for development of muscles of press and also for strengthening of oblique muscles. Effectively swimming prevents extensions. It is desirable to visit the pool at least once a week.

5. Massage is very effective remedy of prevention of extensions. If you have no opportunity to visit regularly salon and to give themselves in charge of the skillful massage therapist, care for skin independently. Daily, using special oils against extensions, pinch from time to time and knead "risk zones".

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