How to bleach hands

How to bleach hands

After cleaning on the house and cooking skin of hands darkens and demands bleaching. Folk remedies on bleaching of skin of hands and nails will help to cope with this task.

1. To bleach skin of hands, carefully wipe them with apple peel.

2. The potato mask can bleach hands. For its preparation take potatoes boiled in uniform it is desirable white grade. Peel and pound on grater. Add to the mass of a little cow's milk. Smear with the received gruel skin of hands for 40-50 minutes. Repeat the procedure every other day before obtaining desirable result.

3. To bleach skin of hands and nails it is possible to use and crude potatoes from which mask is capable to give gentle white color not only to hands, but also skin of face and neck.

4. For bleaching of skin of hands you can use juice of lemon or citric acid. Such mix is capable to purify leather of hands from spots of mushrooms, carrots, potatoes and other.

5. The mask prepared from the crushed half of piece of children's soap will perfectly bleach skin of hands? glass of warm water and two tablets of the hydroperit. Apply the received weight to skin of hands and you hold within 25 minutes. Then wash away warm water and apply nutritious cream.

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