The reasons of emergence of ""edges"" on nails

The reasons of emergence of ""edges"" on nails

Well-groomed, smooth and beautiful nails look not only effectively and esthetically, but also add confidence to the owner. Unfortunately, cases when their appearance does not meet expectations are frequent: on nails there are grooves ("edge") giving them the ugly form, and to their owner - discomfort. It is possible to get rid of ugliness of nails if responsibly to approach this problem and to find out the reasons of emergence of "edges".

The so-called "edges" which are quite often appearing on nails of the person can be both longitudinal, and cross and to arise for absolutely different reasons. One of the most common causes of this problem – trauma of cuticle or matrix of nail. If ever took place to be bruise of nail or nail plate, then sooner or later it will surely lead to emergence of not esthetic cosmetic effect.

Improper feeding also is one of the reasons of ridge nails. Nutritionists have noticed that most of people with ridge nails are vegetarians. Often in their organism there is not enough zinc. Quite often improper feeding makes negative impact on work of intestines. In turn, the problem in intestines creates problems in all organism, one of which – emergence of "edges" on nails. By the way, can point to it also glut of organism by salts and carbohydrates.

"Edges" on nails can arise because of shortage in human body of proteins, folic acid or iron. Sharp and deep furrows can testify to sharp malnutrition also.

The following reason of emergence of unpleasant cosmetic effect on nails in the form of grooves – serious lack of liquid of human body. In this case nail plates and cuticles "dry". As the reason for that serve different factors: frequent washing of hands, full-time employment in the earth, high temperatures of air. The people living in "hot" climate know about this problem firsthand. Not to bring the nails to similar state, it is necessary to use daily moisturizing hand cream, rubbing it in nail plates.

Obvious problem of ridge nails is the shortage of B12 vitamin which strengthens and strengthens growth of nail plate. It should be noted that vitamins of group B are important and irreplaceable element for organism (including influencing growth of cages). Quite often house cosmetics is the cause of "edges" on nails: the low-quality varnishes which are constantly applied on nails and also artificially increased nail plates have harmful impact on forming of matrix and corneal layer of all plate.

Diseases of cardiovascular system of the person provoke emergence on his nails of "edges". It can sometimes be consequence of psychological frustration or individual intolerance of medicines.

"Edges" arise on nail plates because of the broken diet, for example, after long starvation or the wrong diet. Doctors pay attention that cross grooves on nails can demonstrate possible failures in work of kidneys, about any given skin diseases. Cosmetologists claim that sometimes furrows over the years increase, and it is normal. Quite often the respectable age of the person is the reason of formation of "edges" on nails: with age the fats produced by organism substantially are reduced, as leads to emergence of such furrows. Kind of there was not, and for clarification of the exact reason it is necessary to visit the doctor surely!

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