How to braid braids on the top

How to braid braids on the top

Braids on the top suit both little fashionistas, and quite adult girls. They can be braided in ten different ways, to decorate decorative hairpins, elastic bands, artificial with flowers. Leave the braid freely to fall on shoulder or back or pin up it in beautiful node.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - scrunchies;
  • - hairpins;
  • - hairspray;
  • - wax.


  1. Wash up hair and process them the conditioner. He will remove surplus of static electricity and will make locks more obedient. Wavy hair before weaving can be straightened by means of stayler.
  2. Choose option of future hairstyle. To owners of the extended face the braids braided on each side and fastened on nape will go. Girls with the correct lines very beautifully look with the braid which is highly lifted on the top. And the difficult baskets fixed by numerous hairpins are recommended to ladies of solid age.
  3. Try to do hair from the overwound plaits connected on the top. Divide hair to straight lines or parting at the side. Separate narrow lock at temple, overwind it three times and press hand. Take the following lock, repeat reception, cross it with the first lock and miss under it.
  4. Continue weaving of plaits, moving to nape. Having finished, fix hair by clip and repeat weaving on the other side of the head. Having brought weaving to nape, connect both parts of hair narrow elastic band and weave them into the hard spit. Sprain it inside, having formed small loop, and pin up the place of fastening by big hairpin with decorative bow.
  5. To braid braid on the top, carefully comb hair and, helping themselves hairbrush, collect them as it is possible above, having fixed by wide soft elastic band. Pound a little wax in palms and smooth locks on forehead and temples. Braid braid, having tied it on the end elastic band. Sprinkle hairstyle gloss in the form of spray.
  6. For evening the hairstyle on the basis of the French braid will approach. Make deep side hair parting, having brought it to the top. Begin weaving, separating narrow locks and attaching to them curls from the bulk of hair. Having executed braid on the one side of the head, fix it by clip and repeat reception on the other hand. Cross braids on nape, having sprained their ends under basket. Pin up bunch hairpins, and decorate all hairstyle the hairpins decorated with Venetian pearl.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team