How to cause autosuntan so that not to become leopard

How to cause autosuntan so that not to become leopard

Beautiful suntanned skin can achieve in house conditions, for this purpose it is not obligatory to leave to the southern countries at all. But it is possible to receive natural suntan by means of cosmetics not always, usually the wrong implementation of the procedure of drawing or contraindication of the doctor become the reasons of it. That your skin became beautiful and has gained natural bronze tan, it is necessary to be able to use correctly such cosmetic as autosuntan.

It is required to you

  • - cellophane gloves;
  • - cream or milk for body;
  • - sponge.


1. At first it is necessary to make epilation and to take shower, otherwise suntan will lay down unevenly. Before the procedure skin is purified with srub. Then it is possible to cause autosuntan.

2. Before causing autosuntan it is necessary to put on gloves, you should not put it barehanded as they can strongly darken.

3. Autosuntan mixes up with milk or with body cream, so it will be not such saturated, will look more naturally and will lay down more exactly.

4. It is better to cause autosuntan with sponge as it quicker than just hands. To begin with legs, to move upward. It is necessary to do it very quickly as autosuntan is absorbed literally for several seconds. When you apply means on neck, elbows and knees - it is important not to be overzealous, otherwise these sites can become covered by spots.

5. To put suntan on face, it is possible to use cotton pads. As the person – the most noticeable part of body, it is necessary to cause autosuntan very accurately. It is impossible to apply autosuntan on eyelids, lips and skin under eyes.

6. After you have caused autosuntan, it is not necessary to put on clothes at once, it is better to spend some time standing. During the day it is impossible to take shower as at first suntan not really resistant.

7. If suntan nevertheless is caused unevenly, then it can be washed away by means of srub or milk for body. If somewhere there are dark stains, then they should be corrected slightly hydrogen peroxide. Such suntan on average five days then it is necessary to carry out additional procedures keeps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team