How to change shape of eyebrows

How to change shape of eyebrows

Unfortunately, the nature allocates with beautiful and graceful eyebrows not each woman. However it is fixable, their form can quite be changed, having given thereby to the look still big appeal and expressiveness.

It is required to you

  • - mirror;
  • - tweezers;
  • - pencil.


1. You can independently change shape of eyebrows, through procedures of epilation or coloring. For plucking out of hairs pick up convenient tweezers. In order that most to define the correct shape of eyebrows, the usual pencil will be required. Apply it vertically along nose. That point in which the pencil will cross your eyebrow and will become its beginning.

2. After that turn pencil obliquely so that it passed through eye pupil. Directly over it there has to be upper point of bend. Further, "draw" one more line from nose wing towards external corner of eye. The found suppression point with eyebrow will become its end. To correct shape of eyebrow, remove all excess hairs that it was smoothly and gradually narrowed to temple. And one more nuance – the external extremity of eyebrow ideally should not be below internal. In other words, eyebrows have to be slightly raised.

3. Remember that it is possible to delete hairs by means of tweezers only on the lower line of eyebrow. And here you should not pull out hairs over the level of eyebrow. Experts do not recommend to do it as follicles of upper hairs are larger, in them there is a lot of pigment. And therefore, during removal of hair, they will become more noticeable that looks not too esthetically. There is also other reason: the above the line of eyebrows is located, the eyes seem more. It will make look even more expressive and attractive.

4. At correction pay attention to shape of face. For example, full-faced slightly raised eyebrows which are slightly rounded off on the ends approach. At owners of oval shape of eyebrow have to be smoother. Women with square face will suit long eyebrows in the form of smooth arch, and to triangular face - not really raised and not too long eyebrows.

5. That process of correction was less painful, approximately in 5-7 minutes prior to its beginning impose cotton pad on eyebrow, having moistened it in hot water. It is also possible to make preliminary "freezing" by means of ice cube. And after the procedure of correction of eyebrows surely wipe skin with the calming cream, broth of camomile or spirit solution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team