How to create effect of wet hair

How to create effect of wet hair

Laying with effect of wet hair looks very beautifully and sexually. Having near at hand only means for laying, the hair dryer and hairbrush, it without effort can be made independently, without resorting to services of the professional hairdresser.

It is required to you

  • means for laying, the hair dryer, hairbrush.


  1. The first with what you will face by preparation of creation of hairstyle effect of wet hair – the choice of means for laying. Today producers offer the wide range of these products. For example, special gels, varnishes, mousses and sprays. Some hairdressers and stylists recommend to use teksturayzer. It is gel which helps to style hair separate locks. Plus is that after it there is no need to useof phenom – you will be able to style hair hands. Minus is the price, this rather expensive means, and it is quite unprofitable to use it every day. If quite obedient, to you usual gel with effect of wet hair and varnish for fixing of hairstyle is to get your hair enough.
  2. Technology of creation of laying depends on length and structure of your hair. If you have long hair curling by nature, then to you will be to apply gel with effect of wet hair enough on all hair or only separate locks which you would like to allocate. Then comb curls large crest and lay them to the taste. To record effect, collect hair in fist in the direction from tips to roots and several times squeeze and release them. It will not be required to dry phenom such laying.
  3. Owners of short hairstyles should not apply means for laying with effect of wet hair on hairstyle. For a start take a little gel on palm, and then distribute it on hair, allocating separate locks. Now issue bang, tousle nape and smooth whisky. Use varnish for stronger fixing of laying.
  4. Those who has long and straight hair should make a little more efforts. For a start apply gel for laying on palms, then separate small curl and distribute means. After that collect curl in bunch and record it elastic band. Having performed several such operations, wait not less than an hour, and then let hair down and shake up them hands, without combing. If you had not liked how some locks lie, use gel or varnish and direct them as you want. Finish laying by means of the hair dryer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team