How to disperse exchange

How to disperse exchange

have the harmonious and tightened body, it is necessary that the metabolism was rather high to promote combustion of excess fat and maintenance of muscles of body in tone. If you have started metabolism already once, it is necessary to support constantly its speed, otherwise it can slow down just as has been accelerated.

It is required to you

  • - subscription in gym


  1. First of all, use the available resources for this purpose, that more to move. Run in the mornings or in the evenings, depending on availability of free time. Begin with distance in one-two kilometers, gradually increase distance until it is equal to five.
  2. Sign up for courses of aerobics or in gym. To disperse metabolism, it is necessary that you worked for endurance and for speed. At trainings on the racetrack and on the exercise bike use fragmentary rhythm. During the work with weightings work for force, carrying out the maximum number of repetitions with average weight. So you will develop the general endurance and will be able to disperse metabolism.
  3. Do not make heavier to yourself diet, try to limit yourself in meat. Refuse fat, eat fruit and vegetables as often as possible. Do not eat for hour and in hour after the training and also after six o'clock in the evening.
  4. Try to move as much as possible. If you have opportunity to walk - use it if you have opportunity to be run instead of slow step - do not neglect this opportunity! The more you move, the speed of your metabolism is more, remember it!

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