How to gain weight in breast

How to gain weight in breast

There are many methods of increase in volume, weight, change of shape of female breast. They differ in effectiveness, effect duration, safety level for health. Besides expensive and difficult methods I exist also simple, but effective sets of exercises for performance in house conditions.


1. Knead and well warm all muscles. There is nothing special, just incline the body to the left-to the right, up-down, make circular motions the body, wave and rotary motions warm brushes, elbow and shoulder joints, it is possible to jump on jump rope.

2. Rise and be driven by back into the corner, connect palms before yourself and strongly strain pectoral muscles, press on palm with sufficient force that you have felt how your pectoral muscles are strained. You keep breast and hands in constant suspense and every ten seconds remove palms from the body a little, continue to carry out exercise before full straightening of hands, constantly concentrating at tension of muscles of breast. Repeat exercise 2 times.

3. Get up in doorway, rest hands against door jamb and as it is possible stronger begin to press forward, continue pressure about a minute, then incline the body a little forward, and again you press minute. Try to hold back of straight line or a little bent forward all the time.

4. Get up directly, pick up couple of books or the bottles filled with water, from hip slowly raise straight and outstretched hands to chin level, in upper point detain hands on two-three of seconds and also slowly lower them. Make 6-8 raising of hands, with small pauses repeat exercise three times.

5. Adopt the provision on floor for squeezing and execute them so much how many at you it will turn out. Try to put legs not strongly widely, you hold body directly, during squeezing, do not press elbows to the body, and try to hold perpendicular to it. Ideally you need to do 20-25 squeezing totally in several approaches until you are able to make such quantity in a row for once.

6. Lay down back on floor, pick up dumbbells and part them in the parties. Now smooth movements connect outstretched arms before yourself and again you part before contact of floor. Repeat exercise three times, every time adhering to 8-10 raising of hands.

7. Execute extension upon completion of all exercises that muscles have relaxed and the organism has calmed down. It is possible just to stand 1-2 minutes with dumbbells in the lowered hands, it is possible to rest hands against wall, having bent to it the body at an angle, and without excess pressure some time is simple to keep the weight of own body, as much as possible taking away elbows back.

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