How to get rid of black dots on face

How to get rid of black dots on face

Black dots on face skin arise at many adults and at teenagers. The reason of their emergence – blockage of time by grease offices and different pollution. What to do with such unpleasant phenomenon and how to clean the face?

First, it is important to remember healthy nutrition: the good condition of skin directly depends on it. Fried, salty and sweet food affect health of skin and spoil its appearance. It is also useful to drink a lot of clean drinking water – it helps organism to get rid of unnecessary substances.

Secondly, it is necessary to organize competent face skin care: it is good to purify skin, to use special cosmetics. One of the main means – face scrub. It mechanically influences leather, purifying it from pollution and from the keratosic particles of epidermis.

Skrabov exists much, they should be chosen depending on skin type. Preference needs to be given to the known, checked producers. Except purchased srubs, it is possible to use srubs of the production – their recipes can be found in the Internet or special books about natural cosmetics.

Besides srubs, there are special plasters for removal of black dots. It is necessary to apply such plasters 1–2 times a month. They act as follows: they need to be pasted on the problem place (generally it is area of the T-zone), to leave for 5–15 minutes, and then to remove. At the same time pollution from time will remain on plaster.

You should not neglect use of various detergents – skins for washing, lotions. Cosmetic face peel gives very good effect. However it is the expensive procedure and at the same time it has contraindications – therefore in the beginning it is necessary to learn whether it will suit the specific person.

Various face packs are effective at disposal of black dots too, at the same time both purchased, and self-made masks on the basis of grits, soda, honey, milk and other natural components are good.

It is very important not to try to squeeze out points – it can lead to damage of integuments and infection.

It is necessary to approach disposal of black dots in a complex, without forgetting about such things as healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle and also cosmetics. Only in that case it is possible to get rid of this problem completely and forever about it to forget.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team