How to look after knees

How to look after knees

Each girl wants to be young and beautiful. For this purpose it is necessary to begin to care for the skin and hair as soon as possible. But there are zones on female body which the first "give" its age. Such as decollete zone, knees and elbows.

Women daily exhaust the legs with high heels and inconvenient court shoes. All this affects and on a lap. Varicosity, bruises, injuries and just pain. How to avoid these consequences and to make knees beautiful?

Main rule

For beautiful legs and knees the correct blood circulation and excellent condition of skin is necessary. The correct footwear suitable by the size from natural and soft materials is for this purpose necessary. Hairpins and heels, it is, of course, very beautiful footwear giving to figure of femininity and symmetry. But the healthy girl always looks better, is not dependent, heels are put on on her or not. 


Integral part in creation of beautiful knees. It is one of zones where hated cellulitis gathers and spoils all image. The excess of salt, fats, cholesterol and many other hazardous substances, promotes fat adjournment. The daily diet has to consist of fresh vegetables and fruit, grain, low-fat meat, dairy products and fish generally. Also you should not forget about additional vitamins which are possible for buying in drugstores, after consultation with the expert.


After the long working day not superfluous will be to warm up and do couple of exercises, it will instantly give new forces and energy. Elementary exercises will help to disperse lymph and to improve blood circulation, and also to tighten skin. Usual squats, moves legs, attacks, it will take only 5-10 minutes. Even during day of work there is opportunity to warm up, for example, to execute rotation by knees. 

Additional resources

The valuable assistant in fight for beauty of legs are house means. Grass infusions, masks of own preparation and juice from fruit. For example, juice of lemon will be able to clarify dark sites and to tighten flabby skin. House wrapping with clay helps to get rid of cellulitis and roughnesses, it was already credible at many girls.

And among purchased means there are many effective products, it is only necessary to choose suitable for itself. Usually main task of such "drugs" intensive moistening. 

Such simple manipulations will help to put knees in order and to keep legs in fine state. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team