How to make beautiful eyebrows

How to make beautiful eyebrows

Your eyebrows are very important part of the face. It is necessary to make so that eyebrows and face in general looked harmoniously and beautifully. It is possible only when you use the efforts and to be improved to make yourself expressive and attractive.

1. In your make-up bag surely there has to be brush for eyebrows. With its help you will hold them in shape. It is also possible to use a little gel when combing.

2. Do not pull out eyebrow too often and many. Do it approximately once in eight weeks.

3. If you feel that you need to use pencil for eyebrows — do it, but very smoothly and smoothly. Still it is possible to use eye shadow instead of pencil.

4. The eyebrow is thinner, the she is more charming looks. Use paint only on the center. If your eyebrows thicker, then paint you put very carefully and accurately.

5. When combing eyebrows use a little gel. It will help to fasten each hair and your eyebrows will have natural color.

6. Ink will perfectly look on eyebrows.

7. If you have big eyebrows, make them accurate, having pulled out excess hairs from above and under them. It is necessary to paint such eyebrows as it is told above.

8. Your face will look nice with well made eyebrows and will give something special to it (if necessary address experts).

9. If you have excess hairs, they can be cut off by means of manicure nozhnichek.

10. It is the best of all to pull out eyebrows after acceptance of shower. It will facilitate your task and to you it will be not so sore.

11. Take precautionary measures during plucking out so that you had not had gleams or wounds.

- Distinguished eyebrows suit girls with lovely features. If you the sporty girl, then your eyebrows have to be thicker since it will be natural to you.

- What to do to girls with small eyes?! It is not necessary to use additional paints. It will make your eyes even less. Better more round your eyebrows.

Waxing allows to uproot hairs directly that promotes smaller growth further. You want to make waxing — make, but right after it it is necessary to undergo face peel by toner.

Painting of eyebrows is very widespread phenomenon among women, especially blondes. If you never made up eyebrow in black color, then you should choose paint brown or are one-two tones more dark than your hair. Before the procedure it is necessary to check certification. Sometimes the permanent make-up does eyebrows even worse.

Lovely ladies, watch shape of your eyebrows always to look charming and attractive!  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team