How to pick up color of scarf

How to pick up color of scarf

scarf is obligatory accessory in clothes of each fashionable girl. Scarfs and scarves aktsentirirut attention to delights of female body, emphasize refinement of nature of the woman and hide possible shortcomings.


  1. Having tried on the pleasant scarf in shop, remember at least three objects of the clothes with which you will be able to combine it with ease.
  2. Having beautifully wrapped in front of the mirror in scarf, look how well it is in harmony with color of clothes and your appearance. Be not guided by the principle because at my girlfriend is just the same, and it suits her. If the scarf well looks on one girl, not the fact that it will also look on you.
  3. If you have come to shop especially for purchase of scarf, put on in those clothes with which you are going to put on it. Draw close attention to whether well this accessory suits your image.
  4. When choosing scarf you do not chase the small price and fashionable color, you remember quality. Give preference only to the most qualitative products which you are able to afford. Pay attention to the ends of scarf: their edges have to be well processed and equal.
  5. Girls with tsvetotipy when choosing accessory should pay spring much attention to warm bright shades. Beige, juicy green, red with yellowish shade, blue from lung turquoise to cornflower-blue, warm yellow, golden-brown. But cold lemon color for spring women is unacceptable.
  6. Tsvetotipa perfectly approach summer cold color. Crimson, celestial-blue, citreous, violet with distinct coldish-blue shade, all coloring gray and gray-brown.
  7. Owners of autumn tsvetotip are recommended to choose scarfs of warm bright colors. Earthy-brown color of the autumn wood, warm blue, copper-colored, deep green, golden-beige, deep mustard-yellow, khaki.
  8. The girl of tsvetotip has to pay winter special attention to cold saturated color. Kipelno-bely, red with blue outflow, steel, silvery, intensive blue, bright violet, emerald, eggplant, black, cold pink, lemon, cold brown.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team