How to pick up cream against wrinkles 45+

How to pick up cream against wrinkles 45+

Processes of aging in skin are started early, but till 30-35 the person looks perfectly. And here after the 40th skin becomes thinner, under eyes there are bags, mimic wrinkles go deep. However all these changes can become less noticeable at the correct selection of care products - first of all, cream.

Ideal cream from wrinkles

The choice of cream depends on type of your skin and its state. For oily skin the good moistening means enriched with active antioxidants - selenium, magnesium, vitamins C, E and A are necessary. Dry means on the basis of natural oils will be required, and fat and inclined to inflammations easy formulas about lifting effect are necessary.

Cream can be day and night. Day means is put under make-up, it moisturizes the skin and tightens it, visually smoothing wrinkles. It is desirable that these means had sun-protection filters. Also vitamin supplements are very useful. For example, vitamins C and E protect skin from influence of free radicals and interfere with formation of new wrinkles.

Problem of night cream - deep food and relaxation of skin, increase in its density. Very effective remedy - creams with peptides and vitamin A stimulating production of collagen and to skin updating. Also creams with hyaluronic acid which actively humidify upper layers of epidermis are popular and smoothes it. Recently night creams with the peeling effect on the basis of lactic or fruit acid are popular. Such means are put on all face, remove the died-off skin cells and level its relief. The special attention is deserved by placentary creams. They differ in high efficiency, but are suitable not for each type of skin. Give preference to professional and pharmaceutical cosmetics which differs in bigger efficiency. That means has provided the maximum effect, add it with the cleaning milk, tonic and serum of the same line.

Rules of the choice

It is better to test strong wrinkles medicines before purchase. The ideal option is to use sampler which can be received at the seller or the consultant of the brand. If there is no sampler, use tester. Apply a little cream on elbow bend. If skin has reddened, it is not recommended to use means. When putting the chosen cream on the person be attentive. Burning or hypostasis - the sign of the fact that means does not suit you. Correctly picked up cream has to give "accumulative" effect - it remains noticeable and after you cease to use means. Cosmetologists suggest to use creams from wrinkles courses. You put means every day within month, and then replace it with other cream. In month it is possible to return to the initial version again. Such scheme will force skin to perceive more actively all useful substances, and the effect of smoothing of wrinkles will be more noticeable.

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