How to prepare skin for suntan

How to prepare skin for suntan

Beautiful suntan - dream of any girl. But stay in the sun is also big stress for skin. How to combine business with pleasure - to receive beautiful suntan, to help it to last long and not to be injurious at the same time to health? To prepare for reception of solar bathtubs it is necessary to begin still houses.

It is required to you

  • - body scrub;
  • - subscription in sunbed;
  • - fruit and vegetables with vitamin A;
  • - proteinaceous products rich with B12 vitamin;
  • - drinking water;
  • - sunblock cream.


1. Carry out skin exfoliation before trip. Use easy srub which will remove upper keratosic layer of skin. So suntan will lay down without spots.

2. If you go to the resort with the bright scorching sun, then visit sunbed. Several sessions will help skin easier to apprehend ultra-violet radiation and not to burn down.

3. Drink carrot juice and eat fruit and vegetables of orange shade to, in time and after the holiday. Carrots contain the beta carotene turning in organism into vitamin A, it will longer help suntan to remain on body and to get beautiful bronze shade.

4. Add to the diet proteinaceous products, B12 vitamin, soderzhishchiysya to them - our best friend for obtaining deep tan.

5. Daily drink 1.5-2 pure liters to avoid dehydration and dryness of skin.

6. Choose sun-protection means. They will protect skin from negative impact of ultraviolet rays. You put them in 20 minutes prior to exit to the sun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team