How to remove extensions the laser

How to remove extensions the laser

Pregnancy, sharp set of weight, teenage age, increase in muscle bulk at bodybuilders – all this can lead to emergence on skin of ugly whitish or red strips – extensions. To live not everyone agrees with such defect, and the most effective way of disposal of them – laser dermo-cosmetology.


1. Removal of extensions, scars and hems by means of the laser carry out by two ways. The first – superficial peeling the laser. This option malotravmatichen, but affects only upper layers of epidermis. Against deep striya such method is powerless. The second way – grinding by the laser. This method is much more effective, but also travmatichny. But only with its help it is possible to get rid of scars, spots, hems and extensions.

2. The principle of action of treatment is simple. By means of the fractional laser the beams of light short impulses get in the damaged place through skin on the programmed epidermis depth. There they heat fabrics, without damaging them. This action leads to partial removal of old epidermis, collagen and elastane. Then the organism will read to produce new elastane. The old fabrics which have lost elasticity, coarsened fate of integument are replaced with new. This method well levels relief and skin color on the place of damage.

3. Procedures are carried out by saturated, but short courses. Several days of intensive correction yield quite good result. But up to the end does not remove defect. The second year of correction can be done only in half a year.

4. After one course of treatment on skin there is easy reddening and hypostasis which disappear in several days. Skin becomes covered by crust which descends naturally within week. After that it is possible to see result – more smooth and equal skin. At old and deep extensions the doctor can recommend 2-3 sessions at an interval of three weeks. The second year conducted in half a year is capable to set old result and to improve it.

5. Before the procedure it is necessary to get advice of the expert. He will be able to define specific type of laser therapy and the number of procedures is individual for you. The procedure of laser grinding takes from several minutes to hour. It depends on the processed area. The session is held under local anesthesia. The most modern technologies allow patients to feel comfortable and without anesthesia application.

6. The procedure has also contraindications. These are viral and bacterial infections, pregnancy and the period of lactation, the previous radiation therapy, skin of negroid race (VI type), sklerodermiya, varicosity in the fields of education of hems, diabetes, IBS (coronary heart disease).

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