How to use coconut oil for skin care

How to use coconut oil for skin care

Coconut oil as product for appearance is known since Cleopatra. It was used as the nutritious and rejuvenating means. But also now coconut oil has not lost popularity.

Useful properties of coconut oil

Properties of coconut oil are caused by its unique structure – saturated fatty acids provide strong consistence and fast absorption. Coconut oil when drawing on skin forms peculiar film which protects skin and helps to maintain optimum water balance. By the way, coconut oil is recommended to be accepted at dryness and roughness of skin.

In summertime, coconut oil will be especially useful to those who are sent on leave – it is considered excellent suntan preparation and helps to protect skin from solar burns.

How to apply coconut oilThe refined coconut oil can be applied in pure form – take piece of oil and kind of wipe with it face. Let does not confuse you that it firm – at contact with skin oil begins to thaw. Then just distribute coconut oil evenly on the person. Also you can mix coconut oil with other oils.

Coconut oil can be added to already ready means, however, there is one nuance. It is necessary to mix oil with cream, for example, just before application and with single part of cosmetic.

Thanks to the calming properties, coconut oil can be used after manicure or epilation and also after shaving. After drawing this natural means, skin becomes more softly and more exactly. At the same time also the fact that coconut oil has anti-inflammatory effect is not less important.

Coconut oil can be used and for hair care – the thin protective film which it forms, minimizes protein losses, hair look healthier, smooth and brilliant.

The unique composition of coconut oil allows to use it as means for prevention and treatment of extensions. However, it is worth paying attention that as coconut oil completely natural product, the effect of it will be much less noticeable, than from special means.

Coconut oil in mix with vitamin E (in the liquid state) can be used instead of skin cream around eyes – mix components and you put with easy movements in two hours prior to dream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team