Qualitative pedicure

Qualitative pedicure

whole days of the woman are walked therefore it is necessary to care for them and it is correct to look after. Important not only to smear legs with cream and to do baths, but also to carry out pedicure, and time to few months – qualitative.

PokazaniyaPedikyur is deciphered as "leg care", it is necessary to carry out it in process of growth of nail plate, but at least once a month. The standard procedure consists of leg, grinding bath and processing of nails. However the intensity of modern life and huge load of legs, especially women's which are chained in vice of tight footwear on high heel forces to resort to such type of processing of legs as qualitative pedicure. It is done when on heels and stupnyakh deep callosities, natoptysh are formed, there is threat of emergence of outgrowths, spurs.

The qualitative pedicure is shown also to women aged whose change of hormonal background leads to decrease in intake of nutrients in the upper layers of the skin owing to what skin of legs actively bursts, the keratosic outgrowths with which usual pumice is not able to cope are formed.

ProtseduraKak and usual, qualitative pedicure begins with steaming of legs. All procedures are carried out only on pure leather of legs. The warm bath for legs of room temperature becomes or is slightly hotter. It is possible to add soap solution or aromatic oil of lavender or rose to bath: oils well soften skin of legs, disinfecting and moistening it. After careful steaming dry walk soft towel then start skin processing. Techniques vary depending on condition of legs and availability of cracks, wounds. If there are no violations of integument, resort to acid procedures which are based on drawing on skin of feet of creams with the high content of fruit acids. The master has to put on cotton sock the processed foot or wrap polyethylene. Within 15-30 minutes, cream will soften the coarsened skin and will allow to take away it without serious consequences. Most often apply alpha hydroacids which very allergichna therefore before the procedure it is necessary to carry out the test for reaction. After processing by creams it is impossible to use mechanical devices for removal of the coarsened skin therefore the master will work only with files. The professional will do at the same time and massage by foot. The cuticle will also not demand in addition processing, it cannot be cut off at all, it is necessary to remove only carefully orange stick. End to protseduryposla of peeling of leg is rinsed in warm water and apply the restoring cream or means which promotes regeneration of fabrics. Now it is possible to start processing of nails. Nails standing it is necessary to tonsure, having receded 1 cm from soft part of nail box. It is recommended to cut off nails special nippers or tweezers, but it is possible to use for these purposes and cuticle scissors. Only it is necessary to cut nails strictly in a straight line to avoid their growing. The final stage of global pedicure is grinding of nails, skin of feet and heels special soft abrasive. It will give to skin and nails healthy brilliant look. At the end of the procedure the nails cover with color or colourless varnish which is applied on the fat-free nail plate. It is possible to degrease nails usual liquid for varnish removal.

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