Risks of tattoo on neck for girls

Risks of tattoo on neck for girls

The zone of neck is quite popular for drawing tattoos, especially among girls. This the place if desired can be covered with hair, it is quite intimate therefore drawings gain the special concerning value here, and, at last, near graceful bend of shoulders the small motive looks very harmoniously. But is it safe to do tattoo on neck?

Danger of tattoos

Regardless of on what part of body it is going to put tattoo, the person interested to make it has to know what risks and negative consequences he can face. Conditionally they can be divided into several groups. First, when drawing tattoo there is probability to catch serious diseases. Among them there are AIDS, hepatitis of group C, infections which are transmitted through blood. Of course, modern salons of tattoo are equipped with the advanced equipment, only disposable consumables are used there, and the master wears disposable gloves. But the risk nevertheless is, though small, it is always necessary to consider so-called human factor.

Secondly, leather in the place of drawing tattoo begins to live from two weeks to several months therefore without due leaving it can inflame. It is fraught with suppuration, sepsis, formation of hems in the place of defeat. If there is a wish to do tattoo of white color, it is worth meaning that it is necessary to finish it several times that increases the probability of heavy healing.

The third dangerous consequence of tattoo is the possibility of allergic reactions to components of the paint used at the procedure. Sometimes they can appear not at once, but are often very serious – from dermatitis to eczema. And consequences in the long-term period from fashionable ultra-violet tattoos are up to the end not studied.

To the negative consequences connected with tattoos belongs risk that the result can disappoint also. In this case it is necessary either to reconcile, or to pass through the procedure of removal of the drawing.

Tattoos on neck: myths and reality

The dangers connected with tattoo on neck are fanned by the uncountable number of myths and legends. On an equal basis with men, girls more often resort to drawing original pictures in this place, and fears have purely female character. First, there is opinion that it is extremely sick as skin behind under hair gentle. Actually the elbow bend, the site behind ear or anklebone are considered as the most painful parts of the body for tattoo. Besides in good salon the master will offer the client anesthetics.

After drawing tattoo within two weeks it is worth refraining from visit of bath, fire, use of bast. As for neck zone, it is impossible to paint hair in this period and to do chemical wave.

Also there are horror stories that the needle can accidentally get into vertebra or nerve that will cause neck distortion. Such statement belongs to the category of horror stories for the night, the pigment is entered under skin not more deeply than on 1-1.5 mm. The nervous terminations will be anyway touched with needle, from here and pain. And here both the good, and bad master will definitely not get into backbone whatever thin the hypodermic fat layer of the person was. Actually the tattoo in zone of neck begins to live even quicker, than for example, on leg. It is important to look after correctly this site of skin and to choose clothes without rigid collars or ties in this place. Among the main consequences there is tattoo on neck, especially if it is visible, social rejection. Not all people positively perceive tattoos therefore in rare instances there can be problems at employment, especially if as motive the ambiguous inscription or the drawing is chosen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team