Tell ""no"" to black dots

Tell ""no"" to black dots

The most widespread problem on face care are black dots of which as many consider, it is not so simple to get rid. Face skin daily suffers from interaction with the environment: exhaust gases of cars, dust, exhausts from the plants and factories, the deposit from all this imperceptibly remains at us on face. Therefore the person needs more frequent clarification, than we can afford it. But there are several methods as it is easy to protect face on the street.

First, before exit to fresh air it is necessary to wash carefully means, habitual for you, and to apply face cream with thin layer. It will be absorbed and forms protective film for the person. Secondly, if you have no opportunity to wash face several times per day, you can always take favourite face toner and wipe face with it during the day. One of these councils will help you to keep your face clean during the day, but the main problem with black dots, unfortunately, they will not solve.

To get rid of them, you need to do regularly procedures which promote destruction of black dots, to use srubs and to wipe face with spirit tonic. Here several examples as can be made effective masks on destruction of black dots of make-shifts. 

1. Proteinaceous mask

To beat egg white in foam and to add a little lemon juice, to apply cotton tampon to face skin and to wait until the mask begins to dry. Then, without washing away old layer, to put one more and to repeat the procedure three more times, after drawing the third time to wait for full drying and to remove this mix from face. Face skin can dry up a little, but it not scary just right after removal of mask from face use slightly fat cream. The result will be more considerable after several times, but not the thicket can apply such mask than once a week.

2. Soft face scrub

To mix the sung coffee with vegetable oil and easy massage movements to put on face. Coffee will clean off face skin, and oil will not allow to dry up to skin. It is possible to apply such srub 2-3 times a week. The sung coffee can be replaced with salt or sugar, but be accurate as these ingredients can injure sensitive face skin. 

3. Face lotion the hands

0.5 liters to add about one spoon of alcohol to camomile tea infusion. Such infusion needs to stand in the dark place for 24 hours, later this time it is possible to put it on face cotton tampon, it is not necessary to wash away.

These recipes at the correct and regular use will promote disposal of black dots. Over time your pores will be narrowed and will drag on, and this problem will abandon you forever.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team