Ultrasonic cleaning of skin in house conditions

Ultrasonic cleaning of skin in house conditions

Cleaning of face skin - compulsory procedure which each woman trying to prolong the youth and to keep beauty has to do. Sometimes to pick up the necessary cream, tonic or lotion it becomes problematic because of features of skin. The special device for ultrasonic face peel can become the ideal assistant in this case.


1. Regular cleaning of skin is one of the most effective ways of maintaining its healthy appearance and elasticity. Experts recommend to carry out these procedures at least, than once in two weeks. Dead cells terms are not always removed usual cosmetics. The special device with ultrasonic influence can render the effective help.

2. The principle of operation of the ultrasonic device consists in impact on skin of special impulses. Thanks to such procedures, old cages are removed, process of blood circulation is normalized and substantially the metabolism accelerates.

3. The device for ultrasonic cleaning of skin is very simple in application. It is the small device reminding the computer USB stick. Before implementation of the procedure it is necessary to remove cosmetics from skin and to clean it with any cosmetic or make-up remover milk. Then leather is processed by device tip within several minutes. Process this absolutely painless and almost imperceptible.

4. It is worth paying attention that not each woman can use the device for ultrasonic cleaning. The main contraindications are the tendency to allergic reactions, the oncological diseases, diseases connected with blood vessels and presence of open wounds in the person. It is possible to buy the device in any specialized shop or in drugstore. However before commission of purchase it is necessary to consult surely with the cosmetologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team