Ultrasonic peeling: advantage and harm

Ultrasonic peeling: advantage and harm

ultrasonic peeling is procedure of purification of leather by means of ultrasonic waves. The procedure is good the fact that it is malotravmatichna and it is highly effective. The ultrasonic peeling is used in fight both from fat and problem, and with the withering skin.

If your problem is black dots, the clogged-up pores and the increased fat content of the person, then the ultrasonic peeling is excellent decision. The procedure of peeling begins with careful clarification of skin by special structures (in some salons - the mask dissolving pollution and preparing skin), then your face is processed by special solution or clear water as the ultrasonic device works only at wet surface, using moisture as the conductor. Ultrasonic waves literally push out pollution outside, and the cleaned time does not remain open as at mechanical cleaning, and enough drags on soon - that undoubted plus as the risk of inflammations of skin because of hit of bacteria in it considerably decreases. Also this procedure perfectly suits those who suffer from enlarged pores.

The ultrasonic peeling is also useful to the withering skin. The fact is that it kind of awakens each section, updates skin, improves lympho- and the blood-groove, promotes the best breath of skin and its rejuvenation. Also wrinkles are considerably reduced. The ultrasonic peeling is similar to micromassage when each cell of your person receives energy charge. Such procedure - the best and safest decision for raising of tone of your skin. After ultrasonic peeling there is no red trace left and microdamages, and the complexion becomes equal and healthy.

Waves of ultrasound are used also when holding many other cosmetic procedures, for example, when drawing on skin of the special rejuvenating means and masks. The fact is that at influence of waves active components get into skin much more deeply therefore the cosmetologist can use the ultrasonic device directly to or during the carried-out looking after procedure. However, despite obvious overweight of advantages, the ultrasonic peeling nevertheless has contraindications: it can be harmful to people with svrkhchuvstvitelny skin or aggravate situation having inflammatory diseases and acne, also firm no the ultrasonic peeling should tell pregnant women and the feeding women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team