What is colourless powder

What is colourless powder

decorative cosmetics powder occupies one of leading places. It gives to skin velvet, fixes make-up and masks defects. Colourless powder is one of the last fallen in love novelties in cosmetics market.


  1. Colourless (transparent) powder is intended for fixing of make-up, matting, lightening of the necessary sites of skin and giving of healthy shine to it. Such powder as if the veil, forms the invisible layer which is not changing color of liquid foundation. Thanks to the content in powder of the smallest reflective parts the done make-up will not do face flat and lifeless.
  2. Transparent powders have high absorbentny qualities, does not clog up pores and are simply ideal for oily skin, though do not hide its reddenings and shortcomings. Besides, colourless powder approaches any complexion and remarkably hides small wrinkles.
  3. Small minus – powder is rather complex in application, and the main thing not to go too far in its drawing. If the photoshoot is necessary, it is better not to use colourless powder, or to do it minimum, otherwise the flash will turn even the most beautiful make-up into face, "powdered with flour".
  4. Transparent powders usually are produced in the form of friable powder. They need to be put with big fluffy brush over make-up. At first gather powder on brush, then slightly press it to the back of palm and after that start putting powder on the person.
  5. The most known transparent powder is MAC Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder. This product is popular both with ordinary customers, and with show business stars. It is possible to find also more budgetary analogs, for example, transparent powders from brands of Shiseido or Essence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team