What products prolong youth and health of face skin

What products prolong youth and health of face skin

Many women want to remain attractive as long as possible. The external data put by the nature it is only half of business. The pure, shining leather, lack of wrinkles and pigmental spots finish fine image.

Not always for face skin care it is necessary to use expensive cosmetic medicines, and with the slightest problem to visit the cosmetologist's office. To prolong youth and to keep skin healthy, it is enough to begin to eat properly.

First of all vitamin E is necessary for skin. It stimulates production of own collagen, promotes formation of new cages, protects skin from harmful ultra-violet effects. The lack of vitamin E leads to face skin presenilation, emergence of red spots and peeling. To fill up reserve of this vitamin, it is necessary to eat vegetable oils, nuts and sunflower seeds, fat grades of sea fish. It is possible to buy vitamin E in capsules.

Vitamin C is one of the main ingredients in cosmetics on skin care. It strengthens walls of vessels, tightens skin, increases its elasticity and prevents appearance of wrinkles. A lot of ascorbic acid contains in citrus, blackcurrant, green onions, kiwi, gooseberry, etc.

Vitamin A - antioxidant which promotes skin updating reduces dryness and interferes with presenilation. Problem skin is the first sign of shortage of Retinolum in organism. It is possible to fill up vitamin A reserves from red and orange fruit and vegetables. In them Retinolum contains in large numbers. From animal products, special attention should be paid to eggs and liver.

Calcium contains in milk and dairy products. Thanks to it, face skin keeps the fresh and shining look. The woman is more senior, the more calcium is necessary.

Pomegranate contains large number of the microelements which are responsible for elasticity of skin. To delay aging, it is necessary to use this fruit daily. It is possible to replace fruit with garnet juice, the main thing that in it there were no dyes and preservatives.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team