What wrapping helps for weight loss of legs

What wrapping helps for weight loss of legs

for weight loss of legs will help to expand time, to accelerate blood circulation and to remove toxins. Thus, at regular holding this procedure you will get rid of excess centimeters, will increase elasticity and tone of skin.


  1. Application of wrappings for legs. Preparation of body - the stage meaning skin clarification that will allow useful substances of mask for wrappings better to be absorbed. Therefore before holding procedure surely take shower with use of srub.
  2. Then prepare mix. It has to have kashitseobrazny consistence that will make pasting process easier. Cause structure with even thick layer then wind legs with food wrap and lie down within 40 minutes under warm blanket. After this time remove film, and wash away the remains of means under shower or take bath with sea salt. Finish the procedure of wrapping for weight loss of legs putting nutritious cream.
  3. Recipes of masks for wrapping of legs. Coffee wrapping is one of the most widespread thanks to the fact that caffeine promotes effective splitting of fats. To prepare mix, mix 3 tablespoons of ground coffee with warm milk to kashitseobrazny consistence.
  4. For preparation of wrapping with cinnamon and pepper, carefully mix 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of chili powder, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 7 drops of any essential oil.
  5. Wrapping with honey is excellent means for weight loss of legs. On water bath heat 1 tablespoon of honey, add 1 yolk and 2 drops of fragrant oil - mandarine, orange or jojoba.
  6. To prepare mix with green tea, crush 4 tablespoons of tea and mix with hot water before formation of gruel. Leave for 15 minutes, add 3 drops of orange oil and stir.
  7. Contraindications for wrapping of legs. Wrappings for weight loss of legs are contraindicated to the pregnant women and people inclined to allergic reactions to any component which is part of mask. Besides, it is necessary to refuse this procedure in the presence of skin damages - scratches, grazes and so on, hypertensions, tumors, gynecologic diseases and problems with kidneys.
  8. By means of wrappings for weight loss of legs you will become the owner of the beautiful, elastic and tightened skin. And if you combine these procedures with healthy nutrition or sports activities, will be able to achieve even more positive results.

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