Whether it is necessary to shave legs

Whether it is necessary to shave legs

In some cultures it has historically developed so that unshaven legs at the woman are perceived as something not esthetic while for men of the requirement of fashion opposite. The man with hairy legs is perceived as the sexual male capable to leave good posterity.

Why at different people, even within same-gender, hair grow differently? It is connected first of all with heredity, activity of metabolism, and, the most important, hormonal background of the person. Excess growth of hair on body of the woman is called hirsutism or hyper trichosis. It is shown not only increase in quantity terminal (i.e. dark and rigid) hair, but also their atypical localization: on chin, upper part of breast, back and stomach. The most common cause of these diseases: malfunction of some gormonsekretiruyushchy bodies: ovaries, hypophysis, adrenal glands. For various reasons in organism of the woman the production of men's hormone of testosterone amplifies and decreases - is oestrogenic. The raised ovoloshennost – only visible part of iceberg, at the woman is also broken menstrual cycle, reproductive functions suffer, the condition of skin, nails worsens, aggression level increases.

Thus, the woman with indumentum on extremities is perceived at best as untidy, and most often - as unhealthy, with the increased level of men's hormones, not capable by the birth of healthy posterity. With men on the contrary - the stronger it the body ovolosheno, the, therefore, at it is more testosterone that is, its potency and reproductive opportunities are at the maximum height.

Of course, everything described above – stereotypes and remnants of the past. Already nobody draws conclusions only on the basis of appearance – it is possible to go and make any test, there would be feelings between people. Also all aforesaid is reliable for the European and some Asian people. Many women of the northern continent consider availability of hair standing and hands sign of freedom from prejudices and the won feminism. So the choice always remains for each specific woman and each specific man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team