Advy - how to earn?

Advy - how to earn?

Many people decide to try copywriting or rewriting sooner or later. With it they are helped by various exchanges of content – and among them, of course, such popular and large as Advy.

How to earn on Advy?

Any person can choose for himself several different ways of earnings on Advy. This system gives to the users the following opportunities:

  • sale of ready articles;
  • writing articles to order according to the specification of the customer;
  • writing of posts, responses and comments to order;
  • writing of advertizing articles for placement in own blog.

Sale of ready material – is very tempting, but on it will not earn a lot of money. In exchange that you choose subject it is necessary to establish quite low prices as competition conditions very rigid.

How it is possible to earn on Advy?

The main way allowing to earn on Advy to both the beginner, and the professional is an implementation of articles to order. However to find the favorable project, it is necessary to look through offers of the exchange several times a day. Really good customers literally in a minute find the copywriter.

In process of work, you will receive positive and negative comments, and in your interests it is very good to fulfill the duties to receive, only positive estimates. It will allow you to appear in white lists of employers and to receive more orders.

How many it is possible to earn on Advy?

In fact, earnings on Advy are not limited. If it is your main work, you can receive for it as much how many office worker receives usual. If you are talented and executive, write CEOs texts or advertizing letters, it is possible to receive very well.

If you earn additionally from time to time, then everything depends only on your own efforts.

Advice to the beginner

Quicker to begin to earn, it is worth taking such simple advice which will help you to be more effective:

  1. Write articles, but not comments.
  2. Carefully read a task and ask questions if you doubt.
  3. After writing of the text be distracted by other work, and then come back and check.
  4. When you executed the big order and the customer was satisfied, suggest to accept you in the white list. But be not imposed more than 1-2 times.

Working by such simple rules, you will quickly find success and will quite make good money on writing of texts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team