9 week of pregnancy: description, sizes of a fruit, feeling

9 week of pregnancy: description, sizes of a fruit, feeling

The ninth obstetric week of pregnancy says that to the developing embryo 7 weeks. On this term there are already visible changes at future mother. And at future child the embryonic stage comes to an end.

How does the embryo in nine weeks look?

On the ninth week the embryonic period at a fruit comes to an end. From the moment of conception there passed about 7 weeks. Visually the embryo becomes more and more similar to the human kid. At ultrasonography it is possible to determine the embryo sizes. They are about 3 cm from the head to a tailbone. That it was clear, it is possible to compare the kid by the sizes and weight to olive or grape. But in spite of the fact that the weight of an embryo is no more than 5 grams, in its lines it is easily possible to see the person.

The head is even much more body. And though the neck is already formed, but the head is still pressed to a body. Hands of an embryo are also disproportionate more long than legs. At fixed survey it is possible to define elbows, forearms and a foot of the kid. Between fingers of hands and legs membranes already vanish.

On 9 weeks at an embryo nails on handles and legs already arise. But now they can be distinguished only on inside. A little later they will pass to necessary situation.

If to carry out ultrasonography to the moment when the embryo is in wakefulness, then it is possible to notice as it wrinkles already formed lips. Besides, the kid can bend the person and even to swallow.

The child's face more and more brightly gets human outlines. It is already possible to notice nostrils, eyes of an embryo become more. But on this period of pregnancy they are covered with the special film designed to protect. Having well looked narrowly, it is possible even to define the developing lobes, on already more relief ears.

In order that bodies of future child developed correctly and in the right places, the body of an embryo is extended and extends. The skeleton of the kid is condensed. Muscles on the 9th week of pregnancy at an embryo are formed unevenly, but it can move extremities.

On the ninth week of pregnancy at an embryo the hypophysis which will be responsible for formation of hormone of growth and processes of exchange subsequently is formed.

The brain in 9 weeks of pregnancy is already divided into 2 hemispheres. Its main part — a cerebellum begins to be formed. Besides, the central nervous system, nerve ganglions and also the nervous terminations located in a skull between vertebras and in a spinal cord also actively develop.

Development of a gastrointestinal system also in an active form. In 9 weeks the child has an anus, bilious channels, a pancreas, a spleen, a gall bladder, a liver are formed. It is possible to notice lengthening of intestines.

Umbilical kanatik becomes stronger and longer than an embryo. This week the kidneys begin to function and there is an independent allocation of waste of activity of a small organism.

In nine weeks the lymph nodes of an embryo can already produce lymphocytes. Bronchial tubes develop, the first rudimentary glands are also shown. Also during this period the thyroid gland of an embryo begins to function.

Though future mom will be able to feel the first pushes of the kid also not soon, but already now by means of the special device she can hear heart beat of the baby. The small organism is capable to deliver blood on all vessels thanks to heart which fights with speed of 120-150 beats per minute.

Though differences on a floor on ultrasonography are not visible yet, but if this kid the boy, then there were already testicles which at the moment time still are in an abdominal cavity. Later they will fall to a scrotum.

What happens to future mother on the ninth week of pregnancy?

As a result of growth of an embryo and its active development, the condition of the woman also changes.

The sizes of a uterus of the woman double. And if at the time of a periods delay according to the calendar, it was about a fist, then now the uterus becomes similar to an average melon. Surrounding society is not capable to see pregnancy yet, but the woman is already capable to notice as the waist became wider, and the tummy begins to increase slightly.

Besides the woman can feel the following changes:

  • Skin thanks to hormones becomes smooth.
  • Because of high amount of prolactin in an organism usual work of a GIT is broken. The woman can complain of a rare chair.
  • As a result the uterus of the woman increases every day, pressure upon a bladder amplifies and there are frequent desires to urination.
  • The breast becomes very sensitive. In certain cases circulation without bra becomes painful. Besides the size of a breast can change. Swelling of mammary glands and even release of colostrum — normal and natural process at pregnancy.
  • Besides nipples can darken considerably. Some women on this term can already have a dark line on a stomach.

What feelings does the woman on the ninth week of pregnancy have?

The hormonal background on this term of pregnancy everything also is at the high level. In addition the child consumes more and more useful substances from mother's organism therefore the woman can feel:

  • On nine weeks future mom already almost gets used to constant nausea since morning and knows, than it is possible to reduce it as much as possible.
  • Fatigue and the general weakness because the embryo consumes more and more amino acids, necessary for it, from mother's organism.

The woman can

  • sometimes feel easy temperature increase, connected that the amount of the blood which is pumped over by heart increases.
  • Because of hormonal changes the woman can have a congestion in a nose. It is possible to treat her only those medicines which were recommended by the obstetrician-gynecologist conducting pregnancy.

What allocations can the pregnant woman have?

The first trimester is characterized by formation of allocations. It is important to distinguish norm from pathology as much as possible to reduce possible risks:

  • Bleach - the allocations which do not have neither color, nor a pungent smell. On this term the woman can have them quite plentiful. But it is considered norm and does not bear any problems as to future mom and the kid.
  • Brown allocations speak about a possible otsloyka. It is necessary to address urgently after detection of blood to medical institutions for diagnostics and purpose of treatment.
  • Blood allocations speak about the beginning abortion. Not to allow pregnancy loss, it is necessary to call at once the ambulance and to go on preservation to hospital. As a rule, on this term the doctors put on preservation not in maternity hospital, and in hospital on gynecologic office. Also blood allocations can speak about violation producing hormones. It is characterized by the fact that allocations appear presumably when according to the calendar at the woman monthly have to begin. In this case treatment also has to be appointed in the closest terms.
  • The yellow, white and badly smelling allocations speak about a possible disease. If not to begin timely treatment, the embryo can critically suffer from an infection.

What inspections have to be made on the 9th week of pregnancy?

The woman on this term already has to be registered in clinic for women. Very soon it should pass one of the most important analyses — 1 screening. And now the obstetrician-gynecologist will have to bring the following indicators in the pregnant woman's card:

  • Growth and the woman's weight (it is measured every month).
  • Arterial blood pressure.
  • Stomach volume.
  • General body temperature.
  • dab from a vagina on an onkotsitologiya and flora.

Besides, the following analyses are appointed:

  • Blood on viruses (AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis).
  • General test of blood and urine.
  • Analysis calla.
  • Blood type and Rhesus factor
  • Biochemical blood test
  • Researches on antibodies to simple herpes, a rubella, an ureaplasma, toxoplasmosis and a cytomegalovirus.

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