As at children color of eyes changes with age

As at children color of eyes changes with age

It is impossible to determine by color of eyes of the newborn at once, it is similar to mom or to dad as native color of an eye is found only over time. It occurs, thanks to the fact that the organism develops and accumulates melanin gradually.


1. Color of eyes of kids can change within the first year of life, sometimes this process is dragged out for longer term. It should be noted that newborns have very poor eyesight, initially they can react to light only. In process of growing the visual acuity grows and by a year is about a half of norm of the adult.

2. In the first days after the birth the sight of the child needs to be checked on reaction of pupils to light. By second week of life the baby can already fix a look on a concrete subject. To half a year the child is capable to distinguish the family, simple figures and toys, and in a year — quite difficult images.

3. The skin shade, hair color and color of eyes depend on existence of a pigment which is called melanin. Eyes of most of newborns in the first several months of life have light gray or light blue color as in their irises of the eye just there is no melanin. In process of development and growing of the child his organism begins to develop and accumulate melanin that leads to change of color of eyes, a skin shade, and sometimes and a hair. If eyes darken, so melanin collected quite a lot if eyes remain light, getting more expressed shade (gray, blue or green), it means that the pigment was developed a little.

4. At some children color of eyes changes several times. It demonstrates that in process of growth and development the development of a pigment could change. Final color of an eye is gained when the child reaches three-four years.

5. The amount of melanin is affected by heredity. Domination of genetic signs is the reason. The child receives a set of genes not only from the father and mother, but also from far ancestors, respectively, he possesses the unique, belonging only to it hereditary fund. Exactly thanks to this genetic fund, individual signs are shown and develop, unique features of an organism of the child are formed.

6. It is necessary to consider that dark color of eyes is prepotent genetic sign therefore if at one of parents of an eye light, and at the second — brown, probability is high, as the child will have dark, brown eyes.

7. In certain cases stresses and diseases can cause changes of color of eyes in light-eyed people. Blue, gray or green eyes can turn yellow, become more dim. As a rule, nothing similar happens to brown eyes.

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