As it is correct to wash a nose with physical solution to the baby

As it is correct to wash a nose with physical solution to the baby

When the baby does not breathe owing to congestion of a nose, it is necessary to clean immediately to it bosoms and to facilitate breath. It is possible to make it by means of physical solution.

What is physical solution?

Physical solution – an analog of numerous medicines for a prochishcheniye of nasal bosoms at kids, but only in more available option. It is the same salty solution of water. Sometimes its application even allows not to use sosudosuzhayushchy medicines. It is enough to clean a nose physical solution 3 times a day, and the kid freely breathes!

Physical solution is 0.9% sodium chloride solution. Do not try to make it independently in house conditions. You will not be able to observe the correct proportion and sterility.

Independent use of physical solution is not desirable without the recommendation of the doctor. Consult with the pediatrician and only then go to pharmacy.

How to wash out a nose to the kid baby

Kids of chest age are not able to breathe through the mouth therefore when the nose is bunged up, they not only begin to choke, but also cannot normally eat: to suck a breast or a small bottle. And hunger causes to absolutely small children physical discomfort and even pain. Therefore it is so important rather to help the child to begin to breathe freely. So, to clean a nose physical solution, usual rubber pear of the small size, the syringe without needle, physical solution and Q-tips will be necessary for you. But do not forget to consult with the pediatrician! Because only he will be able precisely to tell whether really the kid needs washing, or it is rather simple to remove crusts and to dig a nose physical solution not to torment the kid.

Washing process

Lay the kid on a flank and make sure that the baby it is rather quiet. Then it is accurate, without injuring internal walls of a nose, remove crusts with Q-tips and suck away snivel pear. Then in the syringe gather physical solution, no more than 5 ml and enter it into one nostril. Then turn the kid on other side and enter solution into other nostril. You watch that the kid did not choke, and the procedure did not bring him too strong discomfort. If the kid begins to cough, immediately turn him on a stomach and slightly clap on a back. After introduction of physical solution by means of the syringe, suck away pear the softened contents again. After the nose is completely cleaned, can moisten it with some drops or oil from within. The main thing that needs to be observed in the course of washing of a nose physical solution, - tranquility and confidence in the actions. Do not panic if suddenly something was made not so, calm the kid and try again. This is your child, you are responsible for it, and better you nobody will help him.

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